Jigging for Muskie with Spinner Baits

September 07, 2018
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Cory Allen, a seasoned musky guide, demonstrates the effectiveness of jigging spinnerbaits in musky fishing. This technique allows for a lateral presentation with lift and fall, allowing for control on both ends of the spectrum. Allen's musky fishing videos showcase his impressive freshwater fishing toolbox and show how adjusting your technique can improve your musky fishing success.


  • Introduction to Muskellunge (Musky): Discussion on the elusive and challenging nature of musky fishing.
  • Vertical Jigging Technique: Exploring the effectiveness of vertical jigging in musky fishing, emphasizing control on the Y-axis.
  • Cory Allen's Insights: Insights from seasoned musky guide Cory Allen on using spinnerbaits for various conditions and seasons.
  • Hybridizing Techniques: Combining casting and jigging with spinnerbaits for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Presentation Strategy: Importance of lure presentation to trigger neutral musky and increase hook-ups.
  • Fishing Tips for Beginners and Experts: Practical advice for anglers of all levels to improve their musky fishing success.

In the fascinating world of freshwater fishing, the muskellunge, commonly known as muskie, stands as a highly coveted catch. This elusive predator, characterized by its toothy grin and streamlined body, represents the ultimate challenge for anglers. Catching a musky, however, is not a simple task. It demands a mix of skill, patience, and a deep understanding of the fish's behaviors and habitats. This article will explore the often-overlooked technique of vertical jigging and yo-yoing, a method that has shown tremendous effectiveness in attracting these freshwater giants.

The musky, notorious for its tendency to suspend at varying depths, often ignores lures that pass too high or too low. Vertical jigging addresses this challenge by enabling a controlled lure presentation along the Y-axis, a tactic frequently overlooked in discussions about spinnerbaits. Yet, few baits offer better control on this axis, making this technique an essential part of any musky angler's repertoire.

Spring Muskie Topwater Get Out Da' Box Cory Allen

Cory's Techniques

Cory Allen, an experienced musky guide, demonstrates this technique in an In The Spread fishing video. He illustrates how effectively jigging spinnerbaits can be for musky fishing under various conditions and seasons. This approach allows for a horizontal presentation combined with a Y-axis element of lift and fall, offering control over both ends of the spectrum.

The versatility of this technique is where its true beauty lies. While vertical jigging with spinnerbaits is effective, blending casting and jigging techniques with these lures can be exceptionally fruitful. This method enables anglers to cover more of the water column and present their lure to neutral fish in an irresistible manner. The range of control that can be applied within a single retrieve keeps the bait actively engaging throughout the process.

Cory Teaches Jigging

Cory Allen's musky fishing videos serve as a rich source of information, showcasing his extensive freshwater fishing expertise. He openly shares his strategies and tactics, making his videos a valuable resource for anglers aiming to enhance their skills. In one particular video, he shows how using musky spinnerbaits to provoke neutral fish can lead to more successful hook-ups. The attention to detail is crucial, as this video reveals the intricate behaviors of these cunning fish.

So, if you're finding yourself retrieving or trolling your lures past indifferent muskies without success, consider changing your approach. Try vertical or "lateral jigging" and observe the difference in your fishing outcomes. Remember, the most effective musky lures are those that the fish find irresistible, and with the right presentation, any lure in your tackle box could be the key to success.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice starting out, these techniques can aid you in landing the musky of your dreams. So, equip yourself, head to the water, and keep in mind: the best bait for musky is the one that secures the bite. Happy fishing!

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