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Best 5 Surface Yellowfin Tuna Lures

There is no cooler deep sea fishing experience than being connect to a topwater lure when a big tuna explodes on it. The adrenaline rush you get after that detonation is addicting. This In The Spread video features Venice Louisiana tuna fishing Captain Josh Howard, of Deep South Charters, discussing his go to top yellowfin and blackfin poppers and swimming baits. Venice is the best yellowfin tuna fishery in North America and Capt. Howard has been targeting them on a year-round basis for a long time. He is super dialed in to how these fish behave. See what he looks for in lures that mimic the action of the prevailing bait fish.

There are few styles of surface poppers that Josh likes. Some will spit and float and others swim just below the surface. His daily choice depends on what the tuna are chasing around and the conditons of the sea. If there are larger fish around, Josh will step up to bigger poppers. He will profile each of his favorite tuna lures, various color schemes that work and his go to colors.

Each of these hard baits runs differently, so Josh will talk about the leader material he prefers and much of it he uses when rigging the lures. You will learn about using braided line vs mono or fluorocarbon. Why does he use the leader length he does? It is in the video.

Advance your yellowfin tuna fishing lures knowledge with this insightful In The Spread video. These are all good choices to have in your tackle box. Besides these, there are lots of good baits on the market. These just happen to catch fish in Venice. Before you run and but any lures, research what the yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna feed on in your area. Be smart. Watch and learn with In The Spread.

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