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How to Catch Red Fish with Live Bait

If you want to learn how to catch redfish or red drum fish that receive significant pressure, watch this In The Spread video with Capt. William Toney. If you fish an area where there are a lot of anglers, but you are seeing plenty of reds and can't get bites, use bait. If you want action, this is the way to go. Sometimes you just need a little edge to hook pressured red drum and live bait is it. Learn a few handy secrets to catch more of these game fish. See what baits work, how to catch and rig them, how to fish a key, bait presentation, how to work the tides, what tackle you need and more.

Capt. Toney knows redfish. As an Florida inshore fishing guide, he spends much of the year targeting red fish, in the waters of Homosassa. William knows a heck of a lot of tricks to catch them and is sharing them with you in this video. See how you can accelerate your learning curve and leave the frustration behind. Just because the redfish fishing in your area get loads of pressure does not mean they will not bite. Get ahead of the game.

When it comes to the bait and tackle you need, you have to consider where you are fishing and the possibility you may need something to handle other serious inshore game fish like snook and tarpon. William shows you his rods and reels, what he spools them with and why. He also drills into the leaders he uses, based on the structure he fishes around. Since we are using live bait and we are catching the bait right where we are fishing, William profiles the hooks he uses to catch bait and the ones required for this style of bait fishing.

When we talk about bait, we are talking about the redfish bait, but also the bait used to catch the bait. That's right. There are no live wells being used or cast nets. We catch the bait as needed right next to the boat. This is as fresh as it gets. What kind of tackle do you need for that? We will show you and demonstrate how to catch those bait fish. Then Capt. Toney goes step-by-step with how he modifies and then hooks the bait for optimal performance.

You can either drift or anchor up to target red fish on the mangrove shoreline. In either case, you should know how close to stage your vessel. We will discuss ways to avoid spooking the fish as you pole in, drift past or if you anchor up. You will also consider how to get your red drum bait close to fish without spooking them. All of these techniques and more are covered in this In The Spread video. Watch and learn.

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