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wahoo trolling lures in the spread fishing video
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Wahoo Lure Spread

When it comes to wahoo fishing in the Bahamas and surrounding islands, high speed trolling is king. The very best fishermen in this game have their systems dialed all the way in. They pay close attention to all the little details. Wind, tides, moons, time of day, terminal tackle, arrangement of the lure spread and boat driving are some of the particulars that require a keen set of skills.

Corey Burlew has, for the better part of his life, excelled in the high stakes world of wahoo tournament fishing. He is known for his methodical like approach to preparing for and fishing in tournaments all over the Eastern Atlantic. He has a system that works and he is sharing it right here.

In this, part one of the much longer High Speed Trolling for Wahoo video, Corey covers the fundamentals of how he sets up his wahoo trolling spread. He is going to explain what he is trying to achieve with the position of each lure. The way he manages the spread is genius level.

When it comes to wahoo fishing, it is not just drive fast and snag fish. Once you get a bite, there are very techniques you can use to trigger more bites. You will hear Corey explain how this is accomplished and then see him actually do it. The wahoo fishing tips in this video are pure gold. They will help you catch more fish.

Boat driving is another critical detail, this if not performed the right way, can cost you fish. The is true for both hookups and getting the fish to the gaff. This is a master level instructional fishing video. Take it in and then go out and apply what you learn.

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