Wahoo - Fishing Tips for High Speed Trolling

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Capt. Shawn Olds shares his top wahoo fishing tips in a question and answer video with RJ Boyle. The video covers boat driving, fish handling, atmospheric conditions, top places, driving speed, wahoo trolling spreads, lure colors, tides, moon phases, trolling depth, gaff, and driving upon hook-up. This must-watch for anglers looking to improve their knowledge.

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These wahoo fishing tips are extracted from our comprehensive Wahoo Trolling video. This was done to provide direct access to the desired information without the need to sift through the entire video.

Rapid Fire Questions with Shawn Olds

Shawn Olds, a veteran in high-speed trolling, answers a series of rapid-fire questions. With extensive experience in wahoo fishing, Shawn started with commercial wahoo fishing where precision was paramount. He later incorporated his learnings into recreational fishing. The essence of wahoo fishing isn't just about the latest gadgets but the value in the simplicity of the shared knowledge.

Interview with Shawn Olds by RJ Boyle

RJ Boyle delves into a wide range of topics on high-speed trolling with Shawn. Whether you pick specific insights or base your entire approach on this information, it's all you need to know.

  • Trolling Speed: Shawn discusses the speed he finds most effective.
  • Wahoo Trolling Spread: Insights on the ideal spread for both small and large boats.
  • Boat Driving: The nuances of boat driving, maximizing bites, and strategies when multiple fish are hooked.
  • Lure Colors: A popular topic, Shawn shares his preferred colors, aligning with many top fishermen's choices.
  • Best Fishing Times: Discussion on tidal movements and the most productive moon phases, with Shawn explaining his moon phase preference.
  • Wahoo Trolling Depth: The importance of depth when fishing an edge.
  • Best Fishing Locations: With prime wahoo fishing spots near Florida in the Bahamas, Shawn reveals his top picks.

This video is a treasure trove of information. One highlight is Shawn's top wahoo fishing tip. To elevate your fishing game, listen to the experts. They've made mistakes, learned, and now share their wisdom. Leverage their experience to enhance your fishing strategy.

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