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Trout Flies Streamers Nymphs with Chad Bryson

Chad Bryson has spent a lot of his life fly fishing around North and South America. The number of trout he has caught and lost is staggering. With all that time on the water comes a ton of experience. Knowledge is experience and Chad has plenty of that to share. Even though his focus on big trophy trout, he has spent a lot of time in his life fishing for hatchery trout or other smaller trout species. All fly fishermen should have a selection of super productive flies that will catch brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout in any water conditions.

This In The Spread fishing video is all about the top streamers, trout nymphs and dry flies that Chad Bryson carries everywhere. If you are interested in knowing more about some of the best flies for trout, watch this informative presentation.

Chad will break down each category of streamers, nymphs and dry flies into individual flies he really likes. He will discuss what each fly is based on, in terms of food sources for trout and why each works. There is a ton of intel on a wide range of trout flies for you to incorporate into your fishing program. All of these selections make for great additions to your fly box.

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