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Topwater Lures for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

The world of topwater lures for yellowfin tuna and all the related tackle has witnessed the evolution of a finely tuned style of fishing. The wide assortment of poppers and stickbaits range in size, quality and most certainly price. How does one know what is worth adding to the arsenal, how much to spend and what to look for by way of performance? Well, Seth Hartwick has done the hard work of traveling around the world targeting yellowfin tuna in just about every sport fishing destination that holds outstanding fishing for this savage species. He has gotten to know the tackle developers and the lure makers. Seth has tested and tested every imaginable offering and is here to share what he has learned.

Seth Hartwick is by any measure a tackle diva, extraordinary collector of tuna lures and a source of tuna fishing knowledge the likes of which borders on the extreme. The best part is that he is willing to tell you what his globe trotting experiences have taught him. In this topwater lures for yellowfin tuna fishing video, Seth will cover the different types of lures that he finds work the best, the sizes he likes, color patterns, terminal tackle and rigging components, angling techniques, what lures to use in various sea conditions, rods, reels and a ton of insight. If you like casting surface lures or are interested in getting into it, this fishing video is a brilliant learning tool.

When yellowfin tuna are feeding on the top, busily trapping and smashing baits, the amazing opportunity to cast topwater lures and hook up with big fish is never more prevalent. Surface poppers, diving poppers and stickbaits and sinking stick baits are outstanding presentations when fish are active near the surface.

Details are what matters to fishermen. What lures should you use, how best to rig lures and how to fish them are all important bits of information that will make your life on the water easier. The first thing you want to consider is the build quality of the topwater lures you buy. Yellowfin tuna are tier 1 predators. They will destroy inferior lures and tackle. Seth is going to go through the tuna hooks he finds work well, what split rings and ball bearing swivels he likes and most critically why he uses them.

When it comes to the build quality of the topwater lures you decide to use for yellowfin tuna fishing, it is not necessarily about how much they cost and most relevantly about how well the lure will hold up to the punishment the fish will inflict upon it. You will learn what to look for and how this single aspect of the construction can be the difference between staying connected to that fish of a lifetime and having to swim away before you get to see it. When you are fishing a quality lure, even if it breaks, you can still catch that fish. There are plenty of great topwater lures available at really good price points, made by excellent companies. You just need to know where to start. We will show you.

Another real consideration when it comes to deciding what type of topwater lures to use for tuna is sea conditions. Bigger waves mean you will probably need to use a sinking stickbait. If your lure is not swimming in the water, but rather skipping on the surface, you will not get bites.

Something else that is key to know is where to cast your lure relative to the school. There is no doubt that if you target yellowfin tuna with surface lures, you will loose lures to cut offs. Understanding lure placement in the tuna boil will help keep your loses to a minimum.

Even though this is a topwater lure video, Seth does go to great lengths to cover the rods and reels he uses. His choices may be a littler further up the ladder, in terms of price, but he does give some great options for those on a more middle of the road budget.

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