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Angling Techniques for Dolphin Fishing

When it comes to dolphin fishing and how you go about catching multiple fish from a school of fish, there is a science to the madness. The science of angling dolphin is found in the simple rotation system that we highlight in this In The Spread fishing video. You need at least two anglers. Three or more is best. This rotation style system will help you catch most, if not all, the dolphin that show up behind your boat. With those fish behind your boat, it is do or die time. Knowledge is the difference maker here.

Let's take a good look at this dolphin fishing technique. If you remember the steady food discussion from our chumming and chunking video (if you haven't watch that video, see it here), then you know that your menhaden oil, chum and chunks creates the food chain that allows the dolphin to stay with your boat. This is the key to making the rotation system of angling work to perfection. Let's say you hook your first dolphin and get it within easy view of your boat and it is hooked well, keep that fish in the water. Do not pull it out right away. You then squirt oil into the water and drop your chum bag over the side. As the school approaches, you toss a few chunks in to get the party started. As long as you are providing steady food, the dolphin will hang out. Dolphin fish just want to eat.

Remember, at this point you are good to go. There is no need to bring the first dorado into the boat or rotate it with the next fish you hook. Keep it where you can see it and out the rod in the rod holder. You food chain is underway and you are ready to start the fishing rotation.

Whatever side of the boat you have that first dolphin is on, where the rod is in the rod holder, this is the side you have the chum bag on and the side you are tossing chunks towards. Now, it is time to do work. This is a systematic approach, so be methodical. Take your time. The dolphin are not leaving the food stream. The first step is to toss a chunk away from the school, towards to other side of the boat. A fish will peel off from the school to grab that freebie. When you see it move, cast your hooked bait in that direction. Once you are hooked up, let your fish move away from the school and the boat. If you don't apply too much pressure, you can almost walk the fish in. Go easy. Remember to keep your chunking program going with the school Once that fish is close and you can get a gaff shot, toss another single chunk away from the school again and follow it up with another hooked bait. You will see from the diagram exactly what I am talking about.

The most important person on your boat will be the one tossing out the chunks to the school of dolphin hanging behind your boat. If you flub the feeding, the fish will disappear as quickly as they showed up. Get this part right. This really is simple. Fight one fish at a time. Get the dolphin in the boat and drop the next hooked bait in the water. Continue with this until you have caught them all. You can almost train the dolphin to do what you want.

Keep in mind you have the very first fish you hooked secured in a rod holder. If this fish starts to look out of sorts, starts turning yellow, switch it with a freshly hooked fish. If your first fish starts to fade, the school may get uneasy and split. You can leave it there for a while. Just remember to monitor that fish.

This dolphin fishing technique of angler rotation works on both big sport yachts and center consoles. There may be a few nuances that require some attention, but it basically works the same way. The food in the key. Learn this system and incorporate it into your dolphin fishing program. You will be surprised how easy it is to implement and how much more success you can achieve fishing.

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