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tarpon fishing in the spread video
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Tarpon Fishing Bahia Honda

Discover what it takes to conquer the king of the inshore waters with this In The Spread Tarpon Fishing Florida video. Nothing pulls like a big tarpon, so your tackle and your angling better be in top form. If you want to learn professional level skills to catch big tarpon, this video is your answer. In The Spread goes way outside the box as we analyze every minutiae of tide, tackle, bait, the rig, current, structure, boat driving, handling the fish and so much more.

When you think about tarpon and fishing in Florida, the Keys come to mind. Tarpon fishing Florida Keys is legendary. This is where the state record fish was caught and where anglers the world over have travel to for a shot at a big fish. While fishing for tarpon may seem straight forward, and it is, there are several important factors to consider. Where to go, when to go, what tide to fish, what is the best bait for tarpon? All good things to mull over.

For this video, we ventured to the famous Bahia Honda bridge to fish the waters between the old bridge and the one currently in use. We also targeted the bridge supports. Tarpon instinctively use the supports as ambush points to feed on the conveyor belt of bait being pushed out with the outgoing tide or pulled in with the incoming tide. They like the eddy's that form behind pilings and supports on the bridge structure. You will see in our diagrams where the fish like to stage and how they will move depending on which way the water is flowing, so you can better present baits.

Spring incoming tides are not the most ideal tide to fish, typically. In our case, we had good intel that the fish were feeding heavily on the incoming tide, so we loaded up and drove down. When fishing this pass, you are expected to adhere to the local ways. Do what you are supposed to do and don't veer off course. Please. We quickly dispensed with that bull. You will see in the video what we did and why. In a nutshell, tarpon are particular about what they eat. The appearance has to be as near natural as possible. Most of the guys fishing there we doing the opposite of what we were doing. Our thought process was to set up down current, so we could have our presentations floating freely with the tide and not pulling against the water, which is not natural.

When it comes to tarpon bait, a few choices stand out. Crabs are always a sure bet. Now, how you hook them and whether you should be fishing a female versus a male play a roll. We will explain how the physiology of a female and a male differ and why that matters when you have moving water. In still water it does not play as much of a roll, but with a stiff incoming or outgoing tide, it will.

Learn about water color and how that affects tarpon movements. Get a clear understanding of where fish will congregate based on based on whether the water is clean or murky. In clear water, the fish hold close to the bridge and in murky they move away. This has more to do with sharks than anything else.

Which part of the season you are in also plays a hand in where tarpon fish will set up. Early on the fish hold close to the structure and as you move later into the season the fish will spread out away from the bridges. The reason they are moving into the Bahia Honda area is driven by the spring worm hatch. This is huge. Fish are drawn in to feast on the worms prior to moving offshore to spawn. This is a great time to boat a big Megalops atlanticus.

You will also be shown angling techniques that will help shorten the battle and get the fish to the boat. Think about this type of fishing as a marathon and not a sprint. These are big strong fish with plenty of endurance. It is the angler that comes up on the losing side, more times than not.

Your tarpon fishing tackle better be up to the test. Learn about ideal rod size and action necessary for both casting and fighting. We will explain the use of braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon for backing and leader material. The tarpon fishing rig is rather simple. What hooks and sizes are being used and why. You will see it all. Learn about using split shot on the line to get you bait down. As for the bait, we will discuss several options and show you how to hook live crabs. Crabs are by far the best. Learn about selecting the right size and sex.

After watching this video, you will be a much better tarpon fisherman. You will be equipped to fish the Bahia Honda tarpon fishery on your own. Take what we share in this In The Spread fishing video and go catch that fish of a lifetime. Remember, never stop learning.

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