Bottom Fishing - Dropping Baits and Vertical Jigging

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Instructor: Shawn Rotella

Bottom fishing over deep offshore structure puts you in the strike zone for monster fish. Drifting and vertical jigging with optimal tackle allows you to thoroughly work ledges, wrecks, and rock piles. Match your rigging, lure choice, and presentation to the conditions to unlock the secrets of deep dropping success.

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Key Takeaways from the Video

  • Title: Bottom Fishing Deepwater Ledges
  • Featured Expert: Capt. Shawn Rotella
  • Bottom Fishing Basics: Drifting, Conventional and Spinning Tackle, Dropping 75 – 80 fathoms
  • Rig Setup: Split ring and hook sizes adjustment for targeting larger fish, Weight selection based on current speed
  • Fishing Techniques: Vertical and High-Speed Jigging, Prospecting while drifting, Dropping bait and jigs simultaneously to prevent tangles, Identifying depth in water column of bites
  • Drifting Techniques: Setting up and resetting drifts,
  • Understanding bottom structure to identify fish holding areas
  • Gear Recommendations: Ideal gear ratio for jigging reels as per Capt. Shawn Rotella, Rod and reels suitable for jigging
  • Capt. Rotella’s insights on gear and techniques

On the restless tides, where the emerald sea touches the azure sky, there lies a formidable challenge for the avid angler – the deepwater ledges, home to the denizens of the deep. In a world untouched by sunlight, these creatures lurk in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. This is a realm where the faint-hearted dare not venture, but for Capt. Shawn Rotella, it is a battleground where skill and valor meet the unseen. Watch as Shawn embarks on an expedition to the abyss, to conquer the unknown, armed with nothing but his rod, reel, and the endless knowledge of the ancient art of bottom fishing.

The Art of Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is an age-old technique, a combat between man and the mighty forces beneath. The essence of bottom fishing lies in dropping baits or lures to the depths, where the water is as dark as ink, to entice the creatures lurking below. It’s a realm where the ordinary laws of angling are defied, a domain that demands a blend of skill, precision, and a dash of daring.

Bottom Fishing Setup: Gearing Up for the Battle

Venturing into the deep requires more than just a sturdy boat. It requires a bottom fishing setup designed for the hostile, unforgiving environment below. Here, conventional and spinning tackle are your swords, and the bottom fishing rigs, your shield.

  • Rod and Reels: The choice of rod and reel can make or break the expedition. For jigging, a gear ratio that balances speed and torque is crucial. Capt. Shawn Rotella swears by a ratio that allows for both high-speed jigging and the brute force required to haul the catch from the abyss.
  • The Rig: Setting up the rig is akin to arming oneself for battle. The size of the split ring and hook are paramount, a larger size may be fine-tuned for the larger, more ferocious foes, while a smaller size may be ideal for a more agile adversary.
  • The Bait: Ideal bait size is crucial. Too large, and it may deter the prey. Too small, and it may not withstand the fierce battles below.
  • The Weight: Knowing the right amount of weight to use based on the speed of current is essential. It’s a delicate balance that could affect the descent of the bait and jigs, and ultimately, the success of the expedition.

Deep Drop Fishing: The Descent into the Abyss

The heart of the expedition lies in the descent. Dropping 75 – 80 fathoms into the abyss, the angler enters a world untouched by sunlight. It’s here that the real battle begins. Dropping baits to the bottom and then coming up off the bottom is an art that Capt. Rotella has mastered over the years. The technique post bite is a choreographed dance, a blend of skill, patience, and a dash of daring.

Vertical High-Speed Jigging: The Dance in the Abyss

Amidst the soft currents, Capt. Rotella employs the art of vertical jigging and high-speed jigging, a ballet in the abyss. By jigging from the bottom to the mid-water column, he explores where the bites happen. Each bite creates a ripple of excitement, a promise of a battle won. The rhythm of the jigs, the allure of the baits, it’s a dance that entices the unseen, a dance that only the skilled can perform.

  • Prospecting While Drifting: Drifting over the bottom structure, prospecting while drifting is about finding where the fish hold. It’s about understanding the features of the bottom structure, setting up a drift, and resetting baits and lures to entice the unseen.
  • Techniques to Avoid the Tangles: Dropping bait and jigs simultaneously to prevent tangles is a skill honed over countless expeditions. It’s a testament to the angler’s understanding of the dance of the abyss.

Capt. Shawn Rotella’s Expedition: A Tale of Valor

Capt. Rotella's expedition is more than just a journey into the abyss. It's a narrative of skill, of understanding the nuances of bottom fishing, of mastering the art of vertical high-speed jigging. His narrative is a testament to what lies in the heart of every angler – the unyielding spirit of adventure, the endless quest for the unknown.

Join Capt. Shawn Rotella as he ventures into the deep, as he unveils the secrets of the abyss, only on, the premier destination for sport fishing educational content. Experience the thrill of the battle, the allure of the unknown, and the endless quest for knowledge, as Capt. Rotella navigates through the mysteries of the deepwater ledges, armed with nothing but skill, valor, and the ancient art of bottom fishing.

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