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saltwater trolling planers for small boats
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Saltwater Trolling Planers | Small Boat Setup

Basics of Saltwater Trolling Planners for Small Boat

When it comes to understanding saltwater trolling planers and the setup for center console boats, a solid recommendation is to take a simple approach. Do not overcomplicate the process. Your tackle, baits and bait rig needs are super manageable. With this planer fishing video featuring RJ Boyle, you will learn how simple it really is to deploy trolling planers.

A good rule of thumb is to start with a clean well organized boat. Get the clutter off the deck. This allows for ease of movement for anglers and ease of access to your bait box, gaffs and de-hookers. You will need two different sizes of saltwater trolling planers. For the long line, a small number 3 or 4 planer is all you need. For the short line, a bigger number 6 or 8 planer works wonders.

Before you start dropping your lines and planers into the water, be sure to communicate your every step with the boat driver. The last thing you need to get the lines all fetched up before you get the day started. So, make sure the driver is headed on a straight course before the first line goes in. You should start by putting your long line out first. Get it all the way out and engage the planer prior to you are anyone else dropping the short line in. Be smart about deploying your fishing planers.

RJ will demonstrate how to fish with planers in a methodical way. He will show you how to put the baits out and set the first planer before moving to next. You will only be using two planers, a long and short. One thing to pay close attention to is how he shows you ways to engage and disengage or trip the saltwater fishing planers. This can be hard for fishermen, so knowing his nifty technique will save you a lot of headaches. Be sure to also consider how to engage the drag, so as not to foul your setup.

You should start with your long line. Once your long planer is engaged and tracking, it is time to deploy the short. This is where things can get tangled up, if you don't pay close attention. You can easily cross your long line with you short if you do not drive the boat the right way. With your long out, turn the boat in the opposite direction or away from the second rod. If your second rod is on the starboard (right side if looking to the stern) side, move the boat in a gradual turn to the port (left) side. This will prevent the lines from crossing and getting tangled.

You will see exactly how to do this in this planer fishing video. Keep in mind, we are demonstrating the basics of planer fishing. Once you have this process down, you are well on your way to catching a lot more fish.

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