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tying muskie flies in the spread fly fishing video chad bryson

Musky Flies Fly Tying Videos

Chad Bryson is a freshwater apex predator fisherman. He tool of choice is a fly rod and most of the flies he throws he ties. Why does he go to such lengths to fish his own flies? Quality control is why. He is damn good at fly tying. Even though he may fly well under the publics radar, he is well known in the industry as one of the best guides, fishermen fly fishing program developers and product developers. He is also very smart and very experienced. His passion for musky fly fishing runs deep, so strap yourself in for a interesting journey into the world of tying musky flies.

This In The Spread fly tying video is a step by step presentation that will give you the knowledge you need to tie this fly on your own. The size fly you will learn about is Chad's primary standard musky fly. It is not too complicated to tie. There are elements that are a little more complicated and they involve bucktail. What Chad is going to do is go over, with great specificity, the quality of bucktail you need to be using for this musky fly or need to try and find and why that is so important.

You will learn about all the materials and tools needed for this tie. From the bobbin, scissors, hooks, articulated big game shanks to the fish mask, eyes and UV glue, it is all here for you to see. There is a lot of info being shared in this fishing video, so buckle in and enjoy. Having to opportunity to watch a truly great fly tier at work is a treat. If you learn from one of the best, you will end up catching more fish.

Muskie Fishing Videos

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