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Marlin Fishing | Boat Driving with Kevin Hibbard

There may be nothing more important in marlin fishing than boat driving. Captain Kevin Hibbard, of Kona, Hawaii, knows a thing or two about driving on big fish. He has fished just about every major marlin fishing hotspot and has worked with or knows well many of the most respected big game captains in the world. For Kevin, the real skill in boating big fish comes down to how you handle the boat while hooked up. It is paramount, when fishing waters that hold big fish, that you keep it simple.

What does keeping it simple mean, when marlin fishing? Kevin Hibbard is here to share his experience and keen insights on how to get on top of fish quickly, so you have a better shot at releasing or boating that fish of a lifetime. You will learn from Kevin why he does not use dredges, mudflaps or even a high line or shotgun lure. If you can eliminate as many things as possible that can complicate your ability to get on top o a fish, you will be far better served.

Of all the things that good blue marlin fishing skippers must contend with, boat driving ranks as one of the more important. More marlin have probably been lost due to poor boat handling skills than anything else. Things like your tackle, hooks, line, rollers and boat setup are all well within your control. Let's be serious. Terminal failures are just unacceptable. So, if you have your boat setup and tackle taken care of, all that is left is sound boat driving.

As you progress in your marlin fishing, you being to understand fish behavior more and more. The part that Kevin discusses with you is being prepared for what might happen. Granted, nothing is for sure, because blue marlin, especially big blues, are prone to do all sorts of crazy things, while attached to the end of your line. Just remember the number one rule, which is keep the fight close.

What you will learn in this marlin fishing video about drag is canon. Pay close attention to what Kevin is talking about, when he shares his views on how fish behave with different line classes and the amount of drag applied. Also, understanding how the direction from which the line is pulling effects fish behavior is critical.

Getting on top of a fish with expedience is the name of the game. Captain Kevin Hibbard is giving you the basic play book for boat driving while hooked up. He has the experience and knowledge to help you become a smarter boat operator, so take advantage of what he is sharing.

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Fish with Capt Kevin Hibbard aboard the 2nd Offense in Kona, Hawaii

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