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  • Blue Marlin Fishing | Tackle with Kevin Hibbard

    2021, Blue Marlin - Fishing Tackle with Kevin Hibbard

    Captain Kevin Hibbard, a seasoned marlin fishing captain, shares his expertise on chasing and catching big marlin. He has tested various rods, reels, and line, and provides insights on reels, backing, mainlines, drag, drag settings, usage, custom rods, and custom cuts. Hibbard's unique ability to articulate his approach makes him a smarter fisherman. By listening to his insights, you can become a more effective marlin fisherman.

  • Blue Marlin Fishing - Trolling with Kevin Hibbard

    2021, Blue Marlin - Trolling Technique with Kevin Hibbard

    Kevin Hibbard shares his expert tips for marlin fishing, using water temperature, currents, and bait schools to identify productive patches. He also discusses interpreting tuna and porpoises' signals and trolling marlin positions relative to schools. Hibbard's insights on troll structure and trolling tactics can be applied to any fishery, making him one of the best marlin fishing captains globally.

  • Blue Marlin Fishing - Trolling Lures with Kevin Hibbard

    2021, Blue Marlin - Trolling Lures with Kevin Hibbard

    Captain Kevin Hibbard, a marlin expert, shares his knowledge of trolling and lures in a marlin fishing video. He discusses lure patterns, swimming cycles, and proper lure choices based on sea conditions. Hibbard's expertise in rigs, leader material, and natural bend and memory of leaders adds value to his fishing skills.

  • Blue Marlin Fishing

    2021, Blue Marlin - Fishing Kona with Kevin Hibbard

    Discover valuable insights on targeting blue marlin from Captain Kevin Hibbard, a Kona fishing pro. Learn about feeding times, fish movements, water conditions, currents, and structure, as well as the differences between bait and lure fishing. Kevin's calm approach allows you to learn from his experience and become a smarter fisherman.

  • Blue Marlin Fishing boat driving

    2021, Blue Marlin - Boat Driving Skills with Kevin Hibbard

    Capt. Kevin Hibbard, a world-renowned marlin fishing expert, shares his tips for handling a boat while hooked up to a blue marlin. He emphasizes the importance of a simple spread and the need for minimal gear to clear a path to the fish. Hibbard shares his knowledge on line class, drag physics, and current usage during battles. He is a great teacher and an easy-going individual who shares his knowledge on boat driving while marlin fishing.

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    Offshore Fishing for Blue Marlin

    2018, Blue Marlin - Lures and Spread Setup with David Brackmann

    David Brackmann, a skilled marlin fishing instructor, shares his expertise in setting up a marlin spread for targeting blue marlin. He demonstrates various lure types, deployment, optimal position, and managing the spread throughout the day. David also discusses dacron tag lines and cool up ratios for marlin lure swimming. The detailed presentation covers leader, connections, lure dynamics, hook sets, and rigging tips, empowering fishermen to fish smarter and more effectively.