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How to Make FADs for Triple Tail Fish

The triple tail fish or blackfish is one of the finest eating fish swimming in the ocean. Tripletail are solitary usually, but will school up. These tasty fish comes and go with the seasons, as they migrate north and south on Florida's west coast or east and west in the northern Gulf of Mexico. So, when they are moving through your area of the Gulf, they are hit or miss in small quantities. Aside from not being that plentiful, if there is a spot where they hold, you better bet a lot of other fishermen know about it and are going to hammer it out.

The spots where you find them are well known and easy to find. This funny looking fish love the hang around pilings, crab buoys or other similar structure. How obvious and easy to run a buoy line or a series of pilings or channel markers looking for triples hanging out. This makes them susceptible to easy plundering. With this fist come, first serve approach to catching triples, you may want to have a plan B. And, a good plan B that could become your plan A. The solution to this problem is to build and deploy your own tripletail FAD of fish aggregating device. It is simple. We are going to show how to build a FAD for triple tail, in a few easy steps.

This In The Spread fishing video features fourth generation Homosassa, Florida fishing guide Captain William Toney showing you how he targets blackfish and the step by step way he builds quick environmentally friendly FADs to cultivate his own secret fishing spots. Heavy blocks, rope, palm fronds and crab buoys or a similar float is all that is needed. William will show you how he assembles the aggregator and deploys them for maximum convenient yield. This way, you have a much better shot at pressure free fish.

Fishing for tripletail is not that difficult, especially when you have a few honey holes. They cannot resist live shrimp. Boom. There you go. What inshore fishing species can? William Toney will show you how to hook a live shrimp or fresh shrimp for light current and then how to rig a shrimp on a jig head for strong current to keep the baits down in the strike zone. That can be the only real challenge. Easy, right? You will also learn how William makes his bait rig. What line, leader, cork, hooks, jig heads does he use. You will see.

Watch some of Capt. William Toney's other fishing videos in our redfish, snook and sea trout sections.

To fish with Capt. Toney, visit Homosassa Inshore Fishing

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