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Instructor: Kevin Hibbard

Dive into the diverse world of hooks for blue marlin fishing with Captain Kevin Hibbard. Discover the revolutionary Sta-Stuk hook design and navigate through various hook types to find the perfect match for your offshore fishing. Your journey to mastering the art of hook selection in marlin fishing begins here.

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Key Points of the Video
  • Blue Marlin Fishing: Explored through the lens of hook variety and the revolutionary Sta-Stuk hook design.
  • Captain Kevin Hibbard's Insights: Highlighted the importance and diversity of hook designs in marlin fishing.
  • Sta-Stuk Hook Design: Longer shank for deeper hook penetration, clip system for proper deployment, and unique structural design.
  • IGFA Legal and Efficient: Sta-Stuk hook adheres to international game fishing standards.
  • Diverse Hook Varieties: Mention of J-hooks, tuna bend hooks, Kona cut, Conical cut, and Trokar cut hooks catering to different applications.
  • Durability Concerns: Discussion on the risk of hooks straightening under heavy drag or while on leader.
  • Application-based Hook Selection: Recommendations based on the size tackle, including Fudo Kona cut, Conical cut hooks, and Jobu hooks.

Exploring the diverse range of hooks available for marlin fishing, with a special highlight on the revolutionary Sta-Stuk hook, and insights from the seasoned Captain Kevin Hibbard.

The pursuit of the majestic Blue Marlin is a tale as old as the sea. Their magnificent build, with a spear-like snout and a body designed to cut through the ocean's blues, has been a symbol of the ultimate conquest for offshore anglers. The tale of marlin fishing is not just about the adventure; it's a saga that speaks volumes about the innovations and the undying spirit of the angling community. Among the myriad elements that constitute a successful marlin chase, the hook holds a narrative of its own.

In this educational video on Marlin Fishing, Captain Kevin Hibbard takes us on a voyage exploring the various hooks tailored for the blue marlin. The market is teeming with a variety of hooks - needle eye, round eye, closed gape, open gape, J hooks, and circle hooks, to name a few. Each hook has a story, a unique design purposed for the dynamic scenarios the deep-sea presents.


If someone made the best hook in the world, we would only have one hook to choose from.

- quips Captain Hibbard, underlining the essence of diversity in hook designs catering to the marlin fishing aficionados.

However, amidst the minor innovations the fishing industry has seen, relative to hooks, over the years, nothing quite compares to the radical design of the Sta-Stuk hook. It's a narrative that's wild, weird, and unconventional, yet holds a promise of something extraordinary.

A Dive into the Sta-Stuk Narrative

The Sta-Stuk hook, as Captain Hibbard elucidates, is something different in the realm of blue marlin fishing. Its design philosophy is a departure from conventional hook designs. Developed by Sam Peter of Release Marine, the Sta-Stuk hook seems to defy the traditional norms, venturing into territories unchartered.

Here’s a closer look at the Sta-Stuk narrative:

  • Longer Shank, Strategic Deployment: Unlike traditional hooks, the Sta-Stuk hook comes with a longer shank that, when affixed with clips, deploys a much shorter shank under bite pressure. This unique design aids in driving the hook deeper into the fish upon the bite, ensuring a secure hook-up.
  • Revolutionary Design: The structure of the Sta-Stuk hook is such that it comes with an eyed shank for attaching the line or cable, with three rings securing the upper shank to the lower hook section. The rings, rated at around 1200 lbs, ensure that there's minimal fear of failure even under extreme pressures.
  • Clip System: The hook's design embodies a clip system that holds the entire setup in place. The clips snap into place, releasing at 21 lbs of pressure, a mechanism ensuring proper hook deployment on the bite.
  • IGFA Legal and Efficient: The design is IGFA legal, bearing testimony to its efficiency and adherence to the international game fishing standards.
  • In-depth Analysis by Captain Hibbard: The mastery with which Captain Hibbard explains the secure rigging of the Sta-Stuk hook and its benefits, especially when trolling lures for big blue marlin, is a narrative that educates and enthralls.

Beyond the Sta-Stuk: A Galaxy of Hooks

While the Sta-Stuk hook holds a special narrative, the galaxy of hooks is vast and diverse. From J-hooks and tuna bend hooks tailored for trolling to circle hooks ideal for bait fishing, the choice boils down to preference and application.

  • Kona Cut, Conical Cut, and Trokar Cut Hooks: These are other varieties that come highly recommended depending on the tackle size you are fishing with.
  • Durability Concerns: A primary concern among big game fishermen is the durability of hooks. Every hook has the potential to straighten under seriously heavy drag or while on leader, and much depends on how the hook is positioned in the fish.
  • Other Hook Choices: Depending on the size tackle, other hooks like Fudo Kona cut or Conical cut hooks, Jobu hooks with Trokar cut tip, and even curved gape or Southern Tuna Style hooks are great options for trolling. For live baiting, open gape hooks or circle hooks are deemed best.

Conclusion: The Hook is Where the Tale Begins

The tale of deep sea fishing for blue marlin is a narrative woven with threads of adventure, innovation, and an unyielding spirit of the angling community. Every hook in the angler's arsenal narrates a different chapter of this saga, and choosing the right hook is akin to setting the right narrative for the adventure that awaits in the spread of the open sea.

As Captain Hibbard’s plunge into the world of hooks elucidates, be it the revolutionary Sta-Stuk or the conventional J-hooks, the choice of hook is a narrative that's as diverse as the sea is deep. And as every seasoned marlin angler would affirm, having a wide array of hooks in your arsenal isn't just about being ready for the diverse scenarios the deep blue presents; it's about being ready to write your own narrative in the grand saga of marlin fishing.

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Kevin Hibbard

Captain Kevin Hibbard, a renowned blue marlin fishing expert, has a deep connection to the ocean and has honed his skills in heavy tackle and lure fishing. He has honed his knowledge and techniques from the best captains in the business, including Henry Chee and George Parker. Hibbard's approach to fishing is simple, focused, and trusting, ensuring the best lures are chosen for the ocean's conditions. His dedication to the craft and his passion for the ocean's giants make him a sought-after fishing expert.

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