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  • high speed trolling wahoo rods and reels video cover

    2024, High Speed Wahoo Trolling Rods and Reels

    Expert angler RJ Boyle shares his insights on selecting the best rods and reels for high speed wahoo trolling, emphasizing the importance of quality tackle, rod sensitivity, and reel selection to maximize success when targeting these powerful and fast-swimming fish.

  • captain shawn rotella with his custom wahoo bullets

    2024, Wahoo Fishing Lures and Rigging Concepts - Shawn Rotella

    Dive into the thrilling world of custom wahoo fishing lures with Captain Shawn Rotella. Gain exclusive insights into crafting lures, advanced rigging methods, and effective trolling strategies. Unlock the secrets to landing these formidable predators from a master angler, all in this comprehensive video.

  • Mike Dupree reels in a wahoo while slow trolling

    2023, Wahoo Fishing – Slow Trolling with Mike Dupree

    Unearth the secrets of slow trolling for wahoo with Capt. Mike Dupree. From gear intricacies to bait preferences, dive into the art and science of capturing this elusive predator, all while maximizing your sport fishing experience.

  • high speed trolling bahamas edge trolling principles video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Edge Fishing Bimini High Speed Trolling

    In this second part of the High Speed Trolling for Wahoo video, Corey Burlew, a seasoned wahoo fishing professional, shares his knowledge on catching wahoo on the edge in the Bahamas. He discusses the tide-driven nature of the fishery and how wind can extend bites. Corey shares his expertise on the ideal depth for high-speed trolling and explains that angling and boat driving are effective strategies for catching wahoo.

  • big wahoo aka ono fish looking at the camera

    2024, Unveiling the Ono Fish: All About Fishing for This Pacific Powerhouse

    The ono fish, a true Pacific powerhouse, has captured the hearts of anglers worldwide. With its incredible speed, striking appearance, and delectable flavor, the ono offers an unparalleled fishing experience. Join us as we explore the thrill of the hunt, the best techniques for success, and the ultimate reward of savoring this remarkable catch.

  • wahoo caught high speed trolling cay sal

    2023, Best Bait for Wahoo

    Master the art of wahoo fishing with tailored strategies blending live and dead baits. Adapt to seasonal baitfish trends, water conditions, and local insights for ultimate success. Learn to balance bait choice with hands-on experimentation and community knowledge, refining tactics for each outing. Your path to wahoo mastery lies in observation and adaptability.

  • slow trolling with live bait produces a nice wahoo in Kona Hawaii

    2023, Optimal Depth for Wahoo Fishing

    Master the art of Wahoo fishing by understanding their habitat depths, adapting to seasonal changes, and employing varied techniques. This comprehensive guide offers insights into their behavior, ideal water temperatures, and strategies for targeting them at different depths, significantly increasing your chances of a successful catch.

  • wahoo fish caught by Reubin Payne in Hawaii with In The Spread

    2023, How to Catch Wahoo – Start with Knowledge

    Wahoo fishing is a popular activity for sport fishermen due to its speed and power. In The Spread offers educational videos on wahoo fishing, providing knowledge and tools for successful experiences. Effective baits for wahoo include live baits, trolled lures, and cut baits. In The Spread provides resources for both experienced and new anglers.

  • Wahoo Fish - The Razor Toothed Delicacy

    2021, Wahoo Fish - The Razor Toothed Delicacy

    Wahoo fish, a majestic oceanic marauder with a ruthless nature, are open ocean predators with stream-lined bodies and retractable fins. They are closely akin to mackerel, tuna, and bonito and are found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. Wahoo fish feed on various schooling fishes, including frigate mackerel, scad, butterfish, porcupine fish, and round herring.