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giant trevally fishing in the spread video geet

Giant Trevally Fishing Video

The Indo/Pacific realm is replete with fish across all ranges of tackle that will give you everything you can muster and then enough to leave you wanting more. One of the most spectacular game fish to tangle with is the GT, caranx or giant trevally. GT's are an amazing fish with strength and speed. Their brutal enforcement of the reef solidifies them as apex predators. They swim as loner hitmen our in marauding packs ready to smash any bait in their area. GT's will chase, corner, corral or trap bait and lay waste to it.

On the reef edge of the Rowley Shoals atoll we fished, really large swells roll in over and over hammering the reef. There are double over head sets peeling off on the regular. Where these waves smash into the reef and stir up acres of white wash, the reef donkey's are on the prowl. This is right where GT's like to set up, right where the bait is getting knocked around. Because this reef is a giant atoll that rises up from the edge of the continental shelf to the surface and is covered in water at high tide and exposed at low tide, there are windows when the cocktail of life on the outside of the reef peaks. That is when you want to spend your time navigating the swells to sneak in a plant your offering right in the lions den. The closer you can get your lure to the edge, the better you chance of hooking up with a mule. Strap yourself in.

This In The Spread GT fishing video features Capt. Ross Newton and Chris Rushford from Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures. Their collective skill and knowledge is on full display as they share their methodolgy for targeting giant trevally. The shelf atoll chain they fish in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia holds some significant fishing grounds. Ross and Chris have spent a lot of days on the water fishing for GT's. Their program is well executed. It doesn't matter where you are fishing for caranx, the concepts offered by these two can be applied anywhere. Enjoy their enthusiasm and the depth of their understanding of an absolute brute of a game fish. Let them show you how to catch giant trevally with their proven techniques.

The constant with this type of fishing is safety. The boatman has to be on the watch for how the swells are rolling in and when the sneak big set is coming. You get your boat out and then go back in. Do not play around. It is crazy sitting on top of a healthy swell and casting your lure into the white wash, but damn if it doesn't work. Keep your eyes on the waves. If you lose track of where you are in the hype of a hookup for a second, you can quickly find yourself in danger. You do not want to be in the water near the reef with waves pounding. Be smart, make safety first. Listen closely to what these guys have to say about safe boating.

Even if you can cast 100 yards, you still need to get in close. Your boatman needs to be good. Here's the thing, your lure can get smashed right next to the boat, as you will see in the video, but your chances to tangle with a really big fish increase when your lure is sitting dead still right next to the reef. The reason, the baitfish are right there. The GT's will drive them up against the wall, trapping them. Then they will get the feed bag on. If you can get your lures into that zone, it's go time. Chris Rushford is going to show you his approach to casting big lures into the strike zone and how he manipulates the lures design characteristics to trigger more bites. The more you know, the more you catch.

This is raw hardcore fishing. You gear needs to be well suited for the type of battle a 50kg or bigger Giant Trevally is going to give it. Your fishing lures really need to be up to the task. One solid day of GT fishing will demolish a lure. One that is not well craft will fail you. Whoever you get your lures from, make sure they are purpose built. They need to be very durable. Chris will walk you through the types of lures he prefers and how he beefs them up with much heavier split rings and hooks. Stick baits and poppers are the lures de jour out on the atolls. Fishermen that have been targeting giant trevally for many years will have their program dialed well in. There is no room for compromise with these reef bully's.

How you should work gt fishing lures like poppers and stick baits is a wide open discussion. You can do something different on every single retrieve and maybe you should. Get your presentation in the right place and start working. We are going to have Chris Rushford show you a few of his go to fishing techniques for getting the most out of the lures he fishes. Chris is a savvy angler. What you can learn from him is special. Take his perspective and add it to your fishing quiver. This is a serious finesse game. Being able to advance your learning curve will save you time and effort. Having a broad range of good technique is paramount.

There really is an insanity to this sort of fishing. Crazy. The raw beauty in triggering a reef donkey to explode on your lure like a freight train is intoxicating. Damn the rush is intense. You better have max drag when your line goes tight. Forty pounds plus of drag is no joke on spinning gear, as you try to balance yourself against the swells. Learn from one of the best young bucks on the scene. Chris Rushford is a fantastic angler for any number of inshore or offshore gamefish species. Mastering the tackle you use over the course of time you spend in pursuit of GT fishing gives you a certain confidence, a situational awareness to know what to do in a split second. That may be all you have when dealing with this fish. You could have a 20 kg fish on or you could have a 60 kg fish on. You need to be able to flip a switch and go into attack mode. You get this from practicing and learning from fishermen that have more experience than you do. Not just any experience, but rather winning battle tested experience. Learn from great fishing minds.

You need to have the right combination of line, leader, connections and tackle when that monster GT slams your lure, to achieve the optimal outcome. Learn about the setup Chris Rushford uses and why he likes it so much. You need a good stout casting rod joined with a heavy duty spinning reel that will allow you to apply heaps of drag. See how to tie an fg knot and why to use it with this type of reef fishing. This is go big or go home.

Once you feel the pull of a Giant Trevally, you will want more. Learn about GT fishing on coral reefs and atolls with this thorough fishing instruction video. Get tactics and fishing techniques that will help you catch more big Geets.

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