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light tackle permit fish in the spread fishing video
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Fishing for Giant Permit Fish

The permit fish is one of the most highly sought after inshore fishing species. Permit hold down a spot as one of the big 3 inshore gamefish, along with tarpon and bonefish. They are elusive, easily spooked and down right particular when it comes to getting them to take a presentation. Many anglers refer to them as ghosts of the flats. One minute they are there and the next they disappear. One thing you have to consider when targeting permit fish is the longer you stalk a pack of fish and make casts, the more skittish they will get. You window of opportunity to hook up grows shorter and shorter with each cast.

As members of the jack family, permit look like overgrown pompano and have no quit in their incredible fight. This is a fish that will tax your angling stamina with their long are burning fights. This prized species has excellent vision, hearing and sense of smell, making them one of the more difficult fish to catch. While they may be easy to find, there unpredictable behavior makes it tough getting them to eat.

South Florida fishing expert Capt. Scott Fawcett teamed up with In The Spread, so you would have more knowledge about how to catch permit. What we are doing in permit fishing video is sight casting to schools of giant permit in 30 to 40 feet of water. You want to look for signs of other big bodied fish, like sharks, rays or dolphinfish, turing up the bottom. Permit love to eat crabs and shrimp, so as the bottom gets churned, these crustaceans are exposed for the permit to feast on. You need good light, which will help you spot these fish. As for the water conditions, clean water helps and your tides may help with bringing in cleaner water. This is something Scott will discuss. he also explains ideal water temperature. Permit are fish that thrive in tropical water, so something in the 72-82 degree range is best. This puts the best fishing times in the spring and early summer.

The type of fish we are dealing with for this instructional fishing video average about 30 lbs., but can be upwards of 50 lbs. Not small fish. You will need solid outfits for this type of fishing. With their keen vision, you have to size you line and leader appropriately. You will be fishing 20 lb leaders, so your tackle will be on he light side. Scott Fawcett likes a 10-17lb. 7 foot rod with 15 lb braid and a 20 lb fluorocarbon leader. With blue crabs being the bait of choice, Scott likes to use various jig heads to help with casting and if necessary to get the bait down in the water column. He recommends using jig head colors that match the bait. Aside from the light tackle, stalking techniques, boat driving, best baits, the permit rig, the big take away has to be how to cast to moving schools and not spooked them.

If catching a giant permit is on your bucket list, this fishing video is a great learning tool. There are a lot of great angling lessons to be learned from Scott Fawcett. His fishing tips and depth of experience are on tap for you here. Learn as much as you can about how to catch permit fish and make catching giant permit that much easier. We always try and bring you the very best fishermen, so you get the absolute best intel. Go with knowledge and fish smarter.

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