Dolphin Fishing - Floating Debris

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Instructor: RJ Boyle

Dolphin fishing trips can be significantly improved by catching floating debris, which attracts and builds a food chain. Understanding the direction and wind direction is crucial. Marking the spot, approaching the debris, and systematically picking off dolphins are essential steps. Game planning and gear are essential for success.

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When you're heading offshore for a day of dolphin fishing, encountering floating debris can be a game-changer. Here's why:

The Magic of Floating Debris

One of the best scenarios is finding some type of floating debris. This is akin to a holy grail moment that can redefine your entire day. The steps are:

  1. Spot the debris.  
  2. Mark it with a weighted float.

The debris can range from a floating bucket, styrofoam buoy, a pallet, to even a submerged tree or cargo nets. In the vastness of the open ocean, these objects become magnets for fish. A food chain develops even around the tiniest bits of waste. Never ignore these - always check for dolphin or wahoo.

Why Floating Debris Matters

Encountering such debris can simplify your fishing day. You might:

  • Bag a few big fish.
  • Fill your box with dolphin.
  • Save time and fuel by not having to travel further offshore.

Game Planning is Crucial

If you spot something in the water, be prepared:

  • You might be moving fast.
  • If you don't mark the debris, you might lose it.
  • Always have a throwable floating device, like a weighted styrofoam buoy.
  • Approach with caution to avoid spooking the fish.

Fishing Strategy

When you've marked the debris:

  • Consider the current and wind direction.
  • Be aware of your drift, especially during long battles with bigger fish.
  • Always stop at least 100 feet from the debris.
  • Never tie up to the debris.
  • Reposition as needed, especially if the dolphin return to the debris.
  • Use throwable devices and menhaden oil to mark and attract fish.

How to Fish Debris for Dolphin

There are several effective methods:

  • Casting Baits: Use chunk or live baits. Maintain a good distance from the debris.
  • Trolling: Don't troll too close. The dolphin will investigate your baits. Avoid snagging the debris.
  • Diamond Jigs: If other methods fail, try diamond jigs to see if wahoo are deeper below the debris.

Being prepared and having a strategy will boost your chances of success. Keep your equipment ready, and always be on the lookout. A seemingly slow day can quickly turn into an epic day of dolphin fishing with the right approach.

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