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Broadbill Swordfish Bait Rigging

In daytime fishing for broadbill swordfish, the bait is giant. The ones you pick, the freshness and the quality are a big deal. During feeding patterns, the average guy is going to go to be able to go out and catch fish. When the fish aren't feeding heavily, the bite slows down or the moons not right or the tides different and some of those elements that make them not bite or be in a feeding mode set in, that is when a really fresh bait, a well rigged bait makes all the difference in catching fish.

This In The Spread Rigging Swordfish Baits video featuring RJ Boyle is a 3 hour high intensity learning tool for broadbill swordfish anglers. The baits you are rigging need every bit of your effort. The time and expense involved in this kind of fishing are not small. Get it right. Think about it, the last thing between you and that swordfish is your bait, so it needs to be bullet proof. So, the guys who have the mentality that they can send anything down, no matter the condition, do yourself a favor. This is the least expensive part of what you are doing.

Before we start rigging, get organized. You may only get one shot, so make it count. Have all the tools and materials you need readily available. What RJ is talking about is what he uses. He will discuss and show you all the tools and supplies used and why he uses them. See the monofilament, the crimps that you need for the given line and the crimpers, the different cutting tools, the hooks for each bait, the files used for sharpening those hooks, a rigging knife selection, ice picks, the types, sizes and colors of rigging floss and the rigging needles used to rig swordfish baits.

See RJ Boyle's 7 most productive xiphias gladius baits and how to expertly rig each of them. Learn how to rig the ladyfish, dolphin belly, silver mullet, tinker mackerel, the Panama bait, double hooked squid bait and the bonito belly.

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