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  • Broadbill Swordfish Bait Rigging

    2018, Swordfishing - Rigging Daytime Baits with RJ Boyle

    RJ Boyle, a top daytime swordfish angler, shares his top baits and rigs for various species, including ladyfish, dolphin belly, silver mullet, tinker mackerel, Panama bait, double-hooked squid, and bonito belly. The 3-hour instructional video provides step-by-step instructions on gear, monofilament, hook choices, and connections. Fishing smarter with In The Spread fishing videos ensures the best possible outcome for your swordfish fishing experience.

  • Rigging Strip Baits - Fishing Techniques

    2020, Rigging Strip Baits - Fishing Techniques

    Rigging strip baits is a versatile and productive option for near shore fishing, offering multiple species and a greater chance of catching multiple species. Unlike ballyhoo, strip baits are easy to store and take up minimal space. To rig strip baits effectively, use good strips, tools, tackle, lure heads, skirts, line connectors, hooks, and hand tools. Choose from bullet head lures, sea witches, and compact squids for different water conditions.