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Blue Marlin Trolling Lures with Andy Moyes

Part 2 of the Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Marlin Lures video: Marlin Lures, Head Shapes and Lure Positions with Andy Moyes

Andy Moyes is an interesting guy. Really kind of laid back, but super nice. Andy is a giant marlin and giant tuna catching machine. He is one of those saltwater fishermen that possesses a keen understanding of fish behavior. As one of the best and most respected big game mates and captains in the world, he is well versed in what fish like to feed on, how they feed and the best ways to present baits to them. This and a heavy dose of creative innovation make Andy Moyes one of the absolute finest lure designers in the world. Moyes Big Game Tactical is his lure company and the platform

For this Marlin Lures, Head Shapes and Lure Positions video, Andy is going to share his wisdom on various designs and what you can expect out of a Andy Moyes lure in the water, skirts and what they do the the head with their drag. The most valuable part of this video is the knowledge Andy imparts about his favorite marlin lure head shapes and how he designs all his lures in a particular class size to fit a specific skirt size. This is a brilliant offering. Take it all in and fish smarter.

For teasers, you will learn about the Argus, Monsta and the Punisher. Learn where Andy fishes them, how each tracks in the water and what it mimics. See how he weights each lure and for what reason. These are some of favorite teasers.

For each position in the spread, Andy will break down which lure he likes to run, hook sizes for each and how sea conditions is the biggest factor when making his selections. On the short corner position, which is the closest rigger lure the bushmaster, blaster, pusher man and the plunger are go to options. The long rigger, positioned past the short rigger lure, is ideal for J-Boy, boogeyman, medium plunger, small argus and the blaster, which works well in the short or long position. For, the high line of shotgun position you can pull a lot of the same lures you pull in the long rigger. Andy really likes a small lure for the high line. Something like the xexcess, fish whistle or the ahi bullet work well. This shotgun lure does not run on a specific wave, so you want something you can put out at distance and it will look good.

This video is a primer for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how to select the best lures for each position in the spread. There is no better quality lure on the market and nobody more qualified to speak about how to set up a marlin lure trolling spread. We do our best to put you in front of some very smart and super accomplished fishermen, so you have evert opportunity to learn more and catch more. Never stop learning.

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