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hooks for grouper fishing

Hooks for Grouper Fishing

Unravel the secrets of grouper fishing hooks with our comprehensive guide. From the fierce Gag Grouper to the mighty Goliath, learn about the ideal hooks for each species. Elevate your angling adventures and secure the big catches with precision and expertise.

a nice gag grouper caught trolling by Dan Clymer

Florida Grouper - Prized Sport Fish

Grouper are prized sport fish in Florida offering anglers exhilarating battles and delicious fillets. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about fishing for the many species of grouper, from tackle and techniques to seasons and regulations.

How to Catch Grouper - Knowledge is Key

Grouper fishing is a popular sport fishing endeavor, attracting both experienced and novice anglers. These powerful game fish, found in oceans like the Gulf of Mexico, can grow to impressive sizes and weigh over 100 pounds. They are bottom-dwelling, typically found in deep water, but can also be caught in shallower water during the summer months.

Grouper caught Fishing Florida's Big Bend

Grouper Fishing Florida's Big Bend - Capt. William Toney

June is a month where fish and humans adapt to the heat, using cut baits like mullet, pinfish, lizard fish, and ladyfish. Cut bait disperses more scent than live bait, and artificial lures like MirrOlure LiL Johns can give an edge on hot days. Grouper season begins on Saturday, with gag grouper being the predominate species in the big bend area. Local offshore captains are looking to capitalize on catch and release fish since December.