Biwaa Winter Musky Baits

January 11, 2019
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Biwaa Lures, a unique European brand, offers unique presentation capabilities for bass anglers. Their select lures, such as the Biwaa Seven Sunfish models, have a compact but heavy-enough-to-heave casting style back-blade bait with dynamic lateral and vertical presentations. These jointed Swimbaits swim down tilted at a 45 degree angle on the fall.

As a musky fishing enthusiast, I share a bit of deeper insight into the unique offerings from Biwaa Lures, particularly those that stand out in the European market and have caught the attention of both bass anglers and musky enthusiasts.

Biwaa Lures Back Blade Bait

First, let's discuss the back-blade bait from Biwaa Lures. This lure is distinct due to its compact yet heavy design, which is optimized for casting. The weight of the lure allows it to be thrown over great distances, a crucial feature for targeting musky, which often inhabit large, open waters. What sets this lure apart is its dynamic movement in the water. It exhibits a unique lateral and vertical action, mimicking the movements of prey fish in a way that is exceptionally attractive to predatory fish like musky. This action, combined with its casting ability, makes it a valuable tool in any musky angler's arsenal.

Jointed Swimbaits

The jointed swimbaits from Biwaa are another innovative product. These lures are designed to swim down at a 45-degree angle on the fall. This is a significant departure from traditional swimbaits that typically have a horizontal descent. The angled descent of these Biwaa lures presents a more realistic and vulnerable appearance to predators, resembling an injured or dying fish. This behavior is continuous and uninterrupted, ensuring that the lure is always presenting an enticing target.

Seven Sunfish

The Biwaa Seven Sunfish models, particularly in the 3.5 ounce and 2 ounce sizes, are exemplary of this design. These sizes are ideal for musky fishing as they are large enough to attract big fish, yet manageable in terms of casting and handling. The sunfish design is especially effective as it imitates a common prey species for musky. The size and the specific movement pattern of these lures make them an excellent choice for targeting larger predatory fish.

In summary, Biwaa Lures brings a unique approach to musky fishing with their innovative designs. The back-blade bait offers excellent casting capabilities combined with a dynamic movement in the water, while the jointed swimbaits provide a unique and realistic descent that can be particularly effective in attracting musky. These lures are not just tools; they are innovations that can change the way anglers approach musky fishing.

Stay tuned for this and some other cool reviews coming up this next week including but not limited to H20 Tackle, DJ Customs, Carpenter Customs, and Toothtamer Rods.

Cory Allen In The Spread, Head of Freshwater
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