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Big Swordfish Tactics With RJ Boyle

The "In The Spread Daytime Swordfish with RJ Boyle" video set the standard for sport fishing instruction. Following the release of this critically acclaimed video, the bait rigging for swords dropped. Just a word of advice, before you go out and try to put a slob on the deck, you should probably spend some time watching these videos. With offshore fishing, you never know what you are going to tangle with. So, get familiar with basic broadbill swordfish fishing techniques before going to the next level.

Now, In The Spread breaks down how to deal with big swordfish. This is a much different deep sea fishing ballgame. These big game fish can test the skills of even the most seasoned crew. With the Big Swordfish Tactics video we step into another realm by hooking a fish thats big and dealing with a fish that's big. With swordfishing, you may not know what you are going to pull up from the depths. It could be a 50 pounder or a 500 pounder or an 800. Preparation is key.

Join RJ Boyle on the water as he tangles with a “very” healthy broadbill, while providing deep insight into his every move. He talks you all the way through getting the bite, the rod standing up, to 3.5 hours later when the fish is in the boat. Watch and listen to what is going on, so that you will be ready when your time comes. There are a lot of little details to absorb.

Big fish sort of do the same thing initially. Once the rod loads, the fish stay down. Many anglers think they have hooked the bottom. It is what big swordfish do next that changes the game. The rod will stand up and the line goes slack. They have not gotten off the hook. The fish is racing to the surface. It is game on, from here on out.

There are a few key things to consider, at this point. Try and get the lead off, if you are using lead, as soon as you can. This should be a main focal point. You really don't want to put too much pressure on the fish with the lead still attached to the mono leader. And, be ready to take a harpoon shot. Be conscious of your drag. Know how to manipulate the drag and give line as the fish shakes its head. Stay focused.

The proficiency of the wheelman is a much more critical factor in battling large swords. Your driver has to always know the angle on the fish. If you can change the angle, you can get the species out of its swimming pattern. This is all technique. The communication, drag manipulation, pulling the line in with your hand and driving are so important.

These bigger fish will settle into a pattern of staying in the thermocline when they are fighting. They breath easier there. How do you get them out. Knowing how to make incremental gains in the line is so important. We explain and demonstrate every step. Your learning curve is flattening. This is the time when you really have to stay focused. In a spit second things can change. Just be patient.

When a big swordfish goes from swimming to circling, like a tuna, it is an indication of the fish being tired. The rod bend will let you know what is going on. There will be a back and forth pattern to how the rod is bending. Watch and see what we are talking about. Understand how to gain line in this circumstance or it will just become a give and take scenario. Now is the time to get that fish in the boat.

This video is very detailed. RJ goes to great lengths to articulate what is happening and then discusses what you need to do next. Watch this and learn some great angling techniques.

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