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Best Redfish Lures

In the quest to know more about how to catch redfish, it is always enlightening to learn what bait and tackle the best anglers, guides and captains are using. So, when you start talking about "best redfish lures", it is a subjective discussion. These are Capt. William Toney's best. William Toney is a fourth generation Florida fishing guide based out of Homosassa. His wealth of knowledge draws from decades of fishing for red drum and the wisdom shared by his grandfather and father who guided the inshore waters of Florida's Gulf coast. There is a load of experience using artificial lures in this family. See what you can learn from it.

This In The Spread video shares Capt. Toney's 5 best red fish lures. One of his go to lures is the popping cork rigged with a specific bait. Albeit, this is not a pure artificial, but still a lethal combination. Another super fishing catching option is a spoon. You have to fish the right ones and you will learn all about them. No conversation would be complete without including soft plastics. Wow. Some of these are almost real in appearance and action. William discusses a variety of soft plastics. What would we do without top water plugs? We go deep into what size lures work best, the colors that outperform the others and what about the presentations action triggers bites. Watch and learn, to catch more game fish.

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