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Baits and Lures for Cobia

This In The Spread cobia fishing video features Okeechobee, Florida legend Capt. Brian Sanders. Don't let his ego scare you off. He is extremely knowledgable and efficient with his fishing. You can learn a lot from what he shares here. For Brian, locating cobia fish involves scouting known structure and wrecks. You just have to be stealthy with how you approach these spots. You don't want to scare them and have them seek refuge in whatever structure they are relating to. Given you careful stalking of the location, you can prospect with assorted baits and lures. This is the kind of commotion cobia fish cannot ignore. They will let their curiosity draw them out and this is where you can spot them. From here, you are sight casting. Learn how with this instructional fishing video.

Brian Sanders is going to give his take on what baits and lures he finds most productive and the particular techniques he uses to trigger bites. If you want to know more about how to catch cobia, this is a great primer for you. You have to be ready with your rod, ready to cast. Once these fish appear, you need to present cobia lures quickly. Do not wait for them to show up. Get your cobia rig ready prior to moving in on the structure. Have your setup ready to go in a rod holder or have an angler standing by to cast. Take what is shared in this fishing video and add it to your base of cobia fishing knowledge. As long as you hit the water with fundamentally sound intel, you will succeed. Fish smarter.

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