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  • Mike Dupree reels in a wahoo while slow trolling

    2023, Wahoo Fishing – Slow Trolling with Mike Dupree

    Unearth the secrets of slow trolling for wahoo with Capt. Mike Dupree. From gear intricacies to bait preferences, dive into the art and science of capturing this elusive predator, all while maximizing your sport fishing experience.

  • wahoo caught slow trolling with Capt. Shawn Rotella in Kona

    2023, Slow Trolling Live Bait for Wahoo - Shawn Rotella part 2

    Captain Shawn Rotella, a legend in Hawaii's sport fishing realm, unveils the artistry of wahoo fishing. Delve into the intricacies of slow trolling with live bait and discover the thrilling dance between angler and the majestic wahoo in the azure expanses of Hawaii.

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    Shawn Rotella holding a wahoo caught slow trolling live bait in Hawaii

    2023, Wahoo Fishing – Slow Trolling with Shawn Rotella part 1

    Unlock the secrets of wahoo fishing with Captain Shawn Rotella. Dive into slow trolling live bait techniques, understand wahoo ecology, and refine your angling strategy for unmatched success on the water.

  • rigged wahoo bullets from Shawn Rotella

    2023, Rigging Bullet Lures for Wahoo Fish

    Dive into the adrenaline-pumped world of wahoo fishing with Arthur Bjontegard's insider techniques. Master the art of rigging bullet lures and optimize your high-speed trolling for game-changing catches. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting, this guide unveils the keys to landing the elusive wahoo.

  • lure rigging for high speed trolling wahoo video cover

    2020, Wahoo - Rigging Lures for High Speed Trolling

    Rick Redeker, a renowned big game fishing pro, demonstrates unconventional wahoo trolling lure rigging techniques in a video. This powerful learning tool showcases his unique system, which weeds through smaller fish to focus on catching big wahoo. The video covers tools, tackle, and lures used for rigging wahoo lures, with a heavier setup for better results. This resource is ideal for learning high-speed trolling techniques and catching big wahoo.

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    Indian Ocean wahoo caught trolling a swimming plug

    2019, Trolling Lures - Swimming Plugs

    This fishing video teaches valuable tips and techniques for trolling swimming plugs near reef systems or deep water with man-made structures. It covers toothy critters, setup trolling spreads, and using stout tackle. Techniques include tying haywire twists and rigging lures with wire. Fine-tuning trolling lures and changing lure bibs are also discussed. The video emphasizes the importance of learning from the best and using the best tackle for successful fishing.

  • Cutting Strip Baits

    2019, Bait Rigging - Cutting Strip Baits

    Strip baits are versatile saltwater fishing baits made from dolphin, mackerel, skipjack, tuna, or bonito. Bonito is the best choice due to its easy catch. This fishing video teaches step-by-step instructions on cutting strip baits, including tools, ingredients, and meat preparation. It covers shaved meat, shaping, and grain considerations. Strip baits are effective for dolphin, mackerel, tuna, wahoo, and billfish.

  • Rigging Strip Baits

    2018, Bait Rigging - Strip Baits for Saltwater Fishing

    Strip bait fishing produces results! Learn how to expertly rig strips like bonito, mullet, and squid with hooks, wire, mono, and skirts for wahoo, dolphin, sailfish, marlin, and more. See why strip baits catch more than ballyhoo and get rigging tips, tackle lists, and tests of how these lures swim. With this step-by-step guide, you'll look like a pro on your next fishing trip.

  • wahoo caught high speed trolling cay sal

    2023, Best Bait for Wahoo

    Master the art of wahoo fishing with tailored strategies blending live and dead baits. Adapt to seasonal baitfish trends, water conditions, and local insights for ultimate success. Learn to balance bait choice with hands-on experimentation and community knowledge, refining tactics for each outing. Your path to wahoo mastery lies in observation and adaptability.

  • slow trolling with live bait produces a nice wahoo in Kona Hawaii

    2023, Optimal Depth for Wahoo Fishing

    Master the art of Wahoo fishing by understanding their habitat depths, adapting to seasonal changes, and employing varied techniques. This comprehensive guide offers insights into their behavior, ideal water temperatures, and strategies for targeting them at different depths, significantly increasing your chances of a successful catch.

  • wahoo fish caught by Reubin Payne in Hawaii with In The Spread

    2023, How to Catch Wahoo – Start with Knowledge

    Wahoo fishing is a popular activity for sport fishermen due to its speed and power. In The Spread offers educational videos on wahoo fishing, providing knowledge and tools for successful experiences. Effective baits for wahoo include live baits, trolled lures, and cut baits. In The Spread provides resources for both experienced and new anglers.

  • Wahoo Baits

    2022, Wahoo Baits

    Wahoo baits are crucial for successful fishing, as they are often found in shallow water under bonito and other fish. To locate wahoo baits, use electronics like a fish finder and be aware of their feeding habits. Bait schools typically hang on up-current sides of structures, and sounders can help locate them. However, wahoo bites can occur during specific periods, such as tides and moon phases.