big mutton snapper caught by Seth Horne

Mutton Snapper Fishing - Tips, Techniques, and Strategies

Unlock the secrets of Mutton Snapper fishing with our in-depth guide. Learn about prime habitats, effective techniques, and the best baits and tackle for targeting these elusive game fish. Discover tips on finding, hooking, and landing Mutton Snapper, along with insights on regulations and sustainability. Elevate your angling skills and increase your chances of success.

Big Florida Bass with Nick Kefalides

A Guide to Freshwater Fishing in Florida

Explore the vibrant freshwater fishing scene in Florida! Discover top species, popular fishing regions, hidden gems like lakes, springs, and rivers, and valuable tips for an unforgettable fishing adventure.

Seth Horne at Rowley Shoals with a long nose emperor fish

Master Any Fish - Beginner to Pro Guide with In The Spread Videos

Explore the world of fishing with In The Spread, where expert videos guide you from beginner basics to advanced tactics. Elevate your skills, understand fish behavior, and join a community of top fishermen eager to share their passion and insights. Transform your fishing adventures with knowledge, and make every catch memorable.

Florida inshore fishing is a year round adventure

Florida Sport Fishing: Your Ultimate Guide to Inshore Angling

Florida's waters offer exceptional inshore fishing, from the Indian River Lagoon to the Florida Keys. This guide explores top destinations, fish species like redfish and snook, techniques like live bait and fly fishing, and tips to maximize your catches in the shallow saltwater environments.

swordfish on the hunt in a school of bait fish

Catching Swordfish: A Comprehensive Guide

Hooking into a brute swordfish represents the pinnacle for many anglers. But landing one requires mastery of specialized tactics. This comprehensive guide covers critical swordfish strategies - from gear and bait rigging to daytime and nighttime techniques. With insights from seasoned experts at In The Spread, discover how to conquer these elusive giants.