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wahoo trolling spread for high speed
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Wahoo Trolling Spread

Running the right wahoo trolling spread for high speed fishing shouldn't be complicated, but lots of fishermen struggle. Keeping it simple helps with the headaches. Know your boat and how best to optimize your fishing time with a productive spread. The worst part about wahoo fishing is the tangles. If your spread is not setup properly, you are going to get all fetched up on the turns.

What is a wahoo trolling spread anyway? This is the layout of your lures behind the boat, how you put your baits out. You have a long lure and a short lure setup. They need to be staggered so lines don't tangle.

For this video, both small boat center consoles and big tower boats with outriggers are discussed. Three lines are all that is needed to catch numbers of fish on a small boat and four, maybe five, is ideal for a big boat. If you want to run more, have at it. There is nothing wrong with running more lines. It just helps to keep it simple.

When you have more lines in the water, there are more chances for tangling. Less is more. If you have the most basic wahoo trolling spread, you will get bites. You don't need lots of lines in the water to catch numbers of fish. Be efficient and catch more. A two to three rod trolling spread is all you need.

For center consoles, the best recommendation is to fish three rods. Run two deep or shorter and one long, down the middle. The will prevent lines getting crossed up and tangled. The worst part is having to stop to untangle lines. This is less time lures are in the spread and less chances of catching wahoo.

For big boats, you have more width and more ability to get your lines away from each other. You can easily run two short or deep lures, two long lures and maybe a shotgun lure way back.

As you gain more wahoo fishing experience, you can run more lines with confidence, keeping yourself in the game and not idle. Understanding your boat is key. There is no need to over do it. A clean, efficient wahoo trolling spread will produce fish. Learn more.

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