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Wahoo Fishing | High Speed Trolling

Since our high speed trolling for wahoo video is almost three hours, we have taken the liberty of parsing out shorter clips for your viewing convenience. For this wahoo fishing video, Corey Burlew provides real answers to several important aspects of trolling the waters of the Bahamas. Corey is a professional who has spent his entire life fishing and much of it fishing tournaments in the Bahamas.

Since wahoo fishing presents multiple challenges for anglers, we will start with a few of the primary conditions that play a huge part in the bite. Tides, wind and barometric pressure are factors that you need to pay close attention to, when thinking about heading over to the islands. What do you need to consider when undertaking a day of wahoo fishing in this tide driven fishery? Corey will share his experience and provide some valuable bits of fishing knowledge. Wind can also be a big factor in whether bait gets driven up onto the edge of out into deeper water. The barometer will give you clues as to how deep the fish will be and whether it is a good idea to head out or not.

You will hear Corey talk about the importance of staying on the edge and working a given depth range. If you are too deep, you will not get bites. If you are too shallow, you will get bites from the wrong species. You need to stay in the right area while zipping along at 12 knots. Pay close attention to what Corey has to say about ideal depth and the areas where the bites will come.

What should you do once you get a bit? Corey has a very specific philosophy on how to trigger more bites and it seems to work. If you think about how your wahoo trolling spread passes over or thru a school of fish, then you can see why his approach will pay off with more fish in the boat. He will share very specific techniques on what to do as an angler and as the driver of the boat.

Wahoo trolling at high speed will be a lot more productive if you adhere to some basic fundamentals. Corey Burlew, in this disucssion, will share valuable insights based on years of tournament fishing experience.

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