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terminal tackle for dolphin fishing in the spread videos
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Terminal Tackle for Dolphin Fishing

South Florida tackle shop owner and well known angler RJ Boyle, takes you through some of the tackle you need for dolphin fishing. The rigs and tackle shared in this short video are used when casting to mahi mahi that you have attracted to the back of your boat. There are a lot of feathers, lures and other things on the market, but when it comes to casting to dolphin, you only need two rigs. The dolphin fishing rigs that you should have on your boat anytime you head offshore for dollies are the fluorocarbon rig and the chunking rig.

Just remember to buy something that works for you, based on what is shared in this video. We try to make it simple for you, so you can concentrate on fishing and not wondering what tackle you need. This is very straightforward information.

When it comes to the leader material you need, 80 lb monofilament is probably the most widely used. Now, if you are fishing waters where there are lots of dolphin in excess of 50 lbs, you may need to bump up to 130 lb mono. Clear, pink or smoke colored mono will work. Color really doesn't matter for dolphin fishing, unless you have a full moon and the fish are picky. In this case, you will need to use fluoro. Any good quality brand is fine to use.

When it comes to the moon, there will be a definite effect on the feeding behavior of the dorado. With a full moon, dolphin fishing can get a smidge tricky. With the bright moon, dolphin will feed all night and will be full by the time you get out to where they are the next day. This is when you will need to use a fluorocarbon leader and super sharp hooks with live bait. RJ Boyle will show you how he makes the fluoro rig. He will discuss the hook he likes, the leader, mainline and the knots for good casting.

On the full moon, live bait is going to be critical to trigger bites. You will need pilchards, herring, juvenile blue runners, something small. You may even encounter fish that turn their noses up to most any live bait other than the juvenile blue runners. This is where you will need to have a few sabiki rigs to catch the juveniles under the grass. There may be no other bit of advice more important than understanding the importance of being able to catch the juvenile blue runners. Dolphin cannot refuse this bait.

On smaller moons, where the fish are hungry, you can easily get away with the mono rig with long shank hooks. RJ will detail the specific hooks that work well. He will show you this rig starting with the hooks and progressing to the leader, crimps, snap swivel and mainline.

RJ Boyle is very sound with his terminal tackle. This comes from his anal retentive personality. For rigging purposes this is helpful. You can really learn a ton from his rigging knowledge. For this video on dolphin fishing tackle, there are only two rigs you really need for casting from your boat. The fluoro rig and the chunking rig are broken down in solid detail, for you.

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