The Barbarian from H2O Tackle

October 24, 2018
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Roger Watters, owner of H20 Tackle, offers a versatile and eclectic line of baits with unique paint jobs. His baits are neutrally buoyant, allowing for various fishing techniques. Watters' designs are a testament to the art of letting function define form, making them a must-try for musky anglers.

As a musky fisherman, discussing the work of Roger Watters, the owner of H20 Tackle, opens up a fascinating world of high-quality fishing lures. The versatility and innovative designs of his creations, especially the Barbarian, make them a game-changer in the world of musky fishing.

The Barbarian

The Barbarian, in particular, stands out for its enhanced physics, drawing from the classic rattletrap design but elevating it to new heights. Its almost neutral buoyancy and the option to add weights give it unparalleled versatility. The fact that it offers attachments for both shallow and deep water adds to its adaptability, making it suitable for various fishing conditions.

One of the most remarkable features of Watters' lures is their ability to perform a wide range of actions – whether it's trolling at speeds over 8-9 mph, vertical jigging, lifting and falling on the cast for suspended fish, or functioning as a hybrid twitch glide bait in shallow water. This versatility is not just a testament to their design but also to their effectiveness in attracting muskies in different fishing scenarios.

Discover Roger Watters

The exclusivity and almost secretive nature of Watters' baits among the musky fishing community also speak volumes. It's like a well-kept secret among a select group of anglers, which adds to the allure and prestige of using his lures. Once you discover them, it feels like you've been initiated into an elite club of musky anglers.

Using these baits, you immediately notice how each design justifies itself the moment it hits the water. They're not just visually appealing but also functionally superior. This blend of art and utility is what sets these lures apart. The concept of letting the function define the form is vividly apparent in each lure, making them not just tools for fishing but works of art.

Moreover, the comprehensive range of baits that Watters offers could almost let an angler fish exclusively with his creations without feeling the need for anything else. This aspect underscores the effectiveness and thoughtfulness put into each design, catering to almost all fishing scenarios one might encounter while hunting for muskies.

In conclusion, Roger Watters' H20 Tackle creations, especially the Barbarian, are a testament to the blend of art and science in fishing lure design. Their versatility, effectiveness, and the cult-like following they have garnered among musky anglers make them an essential part of any serious musky fisherman's arsenal.

I’ll be throwing up an in-depth review of his entire line up, outlining their strengths and what the modular weighting systems allow you to do with them.

One of the true innovators and genius lure designers of musky angling, past and present.

H2O Tackle

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