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Slow Pitch Jigging for Grouper

Slow pitch jigging for grouper, snapper and other reef or bottom species enables anglers to keep their presentation at depth where the fish are holding. Instead of dropping irons or jigs down deep and then ripping them up through the water column, slow-pitch jigs are meant to ascend and descend within a specific band of the water column. If fish live and feed at or near the bottom or a suspended depth, it is not super useful to drop a jig and then crank it right past the fish. It is far more beneficial to work your jig at the depth where there are fish.

We all love grouper fishing and snapper fishing. I am sure, like me, you are used to baits and bait rigs that you drop to the bottom and wait for a bite. You may also drift baits like cut fish, squid or a combination. This is productive. When you have suspended fish, using baits is a bit more challenging. This is where slow pitch jigging for grouper and snapper comes into play. This technique can be ultra lethal on the drift. You get a brief overview of this increasingly popular style of fishing with this video.

The big difference between speed jigging and slow pitch jigging is you’re not imitating an escaping fish, but instead a wounded bait on its last legs. The slow-pitch jig mimics more a dead or wounded baitfish that has fallen out of the school. Speed jigging elicits a reaction strike, whereas a slower presentation appeals more to a fishes natural instincts. The ability to work at a specific depth is key. By keeping your lure in the zone where the fish are should return more fish to the boat.

When fishing for grouper of snapper in deeper water, the fish will spend most of their time close to the bottom. Slow pitch jigging allows you to work jigs right off the bottom. This means less snags or worries about whether your bait is still on. You can stay where the fish are feeding until you get a bite.

In this In The Spread fishing video, we will share the basics of slow-pitch jigging for grouper and snapper. We will cover jigging technique and fighting technique. Much of this style of fishing is counter intuitive to what most anglers are used to doing. The rods are not made to leverage fish up. You are using the reel to slowly crank fish up from depth. The rods and reels will be covered, so you have a good idea of what you need to start fishing. Because of the specific types of slow pitch jigging rods and jigs used, the presentation mimics a disabled baitfish fluttering instead of fleeing. After watching, you will have a much better idea of what goes into slow pitch jigging.

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