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slow pitch jigging

  • Slow Pitch Jigging

    2021, Jigging - Slow Pitch Basics

    Slow pitch jigging is a highly productive fishing technique for grouper and snapper, targeting fish near their feeding locations. It allows for specific depth control, mimicking wounded bait fish, while speed jigging mimics fleeing fish. Feeding triggers can be used instead of eliciting a reaction strike. Learn more about jigging techniques, fighting techniques, rods, reels, and jigs used for this effective fishing method.

  • Slow Pitch Jigging - The Art of the Presentation

    2021, Slow Pitch Jigging - The Art of the Presentation

    Slow-pitch jigging is a new approach to saltwater fishing that mimics the behavior of dead or wounded baitfish. It targets fish where they are holding food, which is an instinctive response. This approach differs from high-speed jigging, which aims to imitate a fleeing baitfish. The advantage of slow-pitch jigging is that it doesn't require a drop and crank back approach.