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Sea Trout Fishing in the Winter

Spotted sea trout or speckled trout are a species that you can target year round in Florida. One of the more challenging times of year will be in the winter when cold Gulf of Mexico waters can push the fish off the keys and limestone rocks out to deeper water. The key is to fish areas that are exposed to the sun on outgoing or low tides. These areas absorb warmth from the sun. When the tides turns and pushes water in covering these areas, speckled trout will school up to take advantage of the warmth and feed on food being pushed with the incoming water. Understanding this goes a long way to narrowing down where to start fishing.

On this particular day, Capt. William Toney faces a full moon tide and a stiff west wind. The tide was pushing a huge amount of water onto the keys very rapidly. We had to make quick decisions on where to fish and just as quickly move closer to our target area as the water rose. If one thing is for sure with Florida inshore fishing, it is that William can hammer out the sea trout in any conditions. He is arguably one of the very best saltwater inshore fishing guides in the state. Speckled trout fishing is Williams bread and butter catch and something that he has been targeting year round for decades. He knows their proclivities.

What Capt. William Toney does in this In The Spread Winter Sea Trout fishing video is explain and demonstrate precisely his game plan for winer sea trout fishing. He will start with a spot he wants to target and then very methodically stalk his way towards to area where he wants to present baits. You really have to be quiet and move slowly. See how he repositions time and again to improve his vantage point for casting. Learn about the soft plastics he likes for speckled trout and the retrieval methods he finds most productive. William does a great job of profiling ideal keys and points to fish and how long to spend on them before running to a new spot. He will give a well articulated explanation of how to work the fast moving water and stiff winds with a few different baits and line management techniques.

This In The Spread fishing video gives you tactics and techniques to use during the winter months to hammer out a nice day of catching. As with all our videos, the details are many and the explanations deep. Take advantage of the knowledge that Capt. Toney has acquired over a life time and tighten up your inshore game.

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