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  • Florida Fishing - Cold Weather on the Big Bend

    2019, Florida Fishing - Cold Weather on the Big Bend

    Cool waters this week will shift inshore fish, with trout moving from bays and flats to coastal creeks or rivers. Redfish, blackdrum, and sheepshead are cold-tolerant, so use live shrimp on holes. Snook are now catch and release. Mangrove snapper is a reliable fish in rivers, with live shrimp being the best bait. Offshore gag grouper bite may be slow, but use live bait and patience.

  • Florida Fishing - Historic Homosassa

    2019, Florida Fishing - Historic Homosassa

    Florida is a popular inshore fishing destination, with areas like Homosassa, located on the Gulf coast, producing outstanding species like grouper, mangrove snapper, sheepshead, flounder, sea bass, and triple tail. The warm, clean waters of the Homosassa River provide shelter for cold-tolerant gamefish, resulting in a robust and diverse snook fishery. The Toney family, watermen and conservationists, have been in Homosassa for generations. Captain William Toney is a knowledgeable guide in Florida inshore fishing.

  • Florida Fishing Regulations for Sea Trout

    2019, Florida Fishing Regulations for Sea Trout

    Florida's new fishing regulations for sea trout will benefit all anglers, with a reduction from 5 fish per angler to 3. The rule will enhance the Big Bend trout fishery, allowing for more big female trout and reducing captains' take. The new rules will help guide clients and protect the trout fishery.

  • Fishing Florida Panfish with William Toney

    2018, Fishing Florida Panfish with William Toney

    Florida offers a hidden world of angling with freshwater springs thriving with panfish, bluegill, bass, and catfish. Capt. William Toney's "In The Spread" fishing videos reveal these aquatic wonderlands. The pursuit of panfish, including the bluegill, is central to this odyssey, making it as entertaining and rewarding as chasing any saltwater leviathan. The bluegill is also known as the "common man's gamefish."

  • Site Casting to Tarpon

    2018, Site Casting to Tarpon

    Sight casting for the tarpon is an exhilarating and rewarding angling experience, especially during the migration season in Florida's Gulf Coast. The art involves precision and patience, starting with locating the fish in clear waters and abundant sunlight. The challenge lies in enticing the tarpon to take the bait.

  • Fishing for Black Puppy Drum

    2018, Fishing for Black Puppy Drum

    As winter's chill descends, the inshore waters beckon with the promise of a bountiful catch. The target? Not the usual suspects, but the often-overlooked black drum, specifically the smaller, delectable "puppy" drum. These little morsels, though not as grand in size, offer an excellent flavor and texture, making them a prized catch for those in the know. The black drum, a bottom feeder like its cousins the redfish and sea trout, has a penchant for shrimp, fiddler crabs, and smaller blue crabs. This diet is what gives the black drum its unique flavor, a taste that is often underappreciated due to the smaller fillet yield. However, those who have tasted the succulent meat of the puppy drum know that size isn't everything. When it comes to black drum fishing, the key is to know where and how to target them. The deeper holes and channels, especially those near the river's edge, are often teeming with these fish. The Homosassa River, with its spring-fed headwaters maintaining a constant 72 degrees, is a prime location. As the tides move, the warm water is pulled out of the river, creating warmer swirling water in these holes and channels, attracting quality bait and, in turn, the black drum.