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saltwater trolling planers for sport yachts
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Saltwater Trolling Planers | Sport Yacht Basics

Saltwater Trolling Planners for Big Boat

When it comes to running saltwater trolling planers behind big boats, as in sport fishing yachts, there are a few basic principles you should consider. You should be able drop your baits back without tangling the line, put a planer in the set position, know how much drag you should use, what type of line will benefit you, how to recognize a bite and what to consider when putting out the second line. These are just some of the basic considerations.

This planer fishing video covers those concepts and a few more. We start with putting the bait out and how you engage the planer a couple of different ways. Some fishermen struggle with this. If your planers are not engaged, you will probably not catch fish. It is really a very easy technique to get your planers to engage. If you follow the very simple method to get your fishing planers to run properly, you will never have a problem. You will also hear about which size planer to use in both the long and short positions.

Once your fishing planers are engaged, you need to think about how much drag you should use. It takes a lot of drag to hold the planer and to stop reel creep. You want just enough to keep that creep at bay. If you use too much drag, you could end up ripping the bait out of the fishes mouth when it hits the bait.

When your fishing planer is running in the set position, it looks like you are hooked up to a fish. Planers pull hard and your rods will be bent over. Being able to recognize the difference between the planer pulling and a fish on the line is important. Once a fish strikes your bait, the planer will trips and the rod will spring up and then start bouncing.

There are all types of fishing line on the market and much of what you use is your personal preference. Since the fishermen in this video spend a lot of time pulling saltwater trolling planers, it behooves you to listen to the advice they share on line. Knowing why top professionals use what they do can teach you a lot. Pay close attention to what is said.

A key point that is made in this video centers around putting lines out. Since you have a long line and a short line and they cross over each other in turns, you need to pay close attention, so you don't end up tangling your lines. Once you understand how to put each out, your fishing life will be easier. Keep in mind, your short line can always go out underneath your long. If you aren't grasping exactly how this works, you can watch this small boat planer fishing video which goes into much greater detail on putting lines out.

We hope this gives you a bit more insight into the basics of running saltwater trolling planers behind big boats.

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