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Offshore Fishing and Trolling Lures with RJ Boyle

The In The Spread Offshore Trolling Lures and Rigging Techniques video serves up some of the most dynamic lure discussions ever compiled. Is there a more hotly debated topic in sport fishing that how to rig marlin lures, which lure heads perform best and in which spread position and what fishing hooks are best? Probably not! In The Spread dives on in head first to bring you the goods. This is what we do. We take a fishing subject, find someone who absolutely excels at it and then examine the concept from every possible angle. This video consists of 3 parts, which you can watch separately: Part 1 - Trolling Lures, Hooks and Rigging Techniques with Black Bart, Part 2 - Marlin Lures, Head Shapes and Lure Positions with Andy Moyes and Part 3 Rigging Tools and Rigging Marlin Lures with RJ Boyle

When it comes to offshore fishing, it is amazing how many different techniques you see out there for all sorts of fishing. This fishing video is about marlin fishing and trolling lures. The fishermen you will be learning from are some of the best guys in the world. They will analyze hooks and hook sets, profile lure head shapes and how they swim in the water, where in the spread a lure should be positioned, discuss skirts and skirt materials and then take all this information and apply it to rigging several trolling lures. This is a 3.5 hour video loaded with valuable fishing knowledge. All the guys in this saltwater big game fishing video are considered world class, in their areas of epertise.

When watching this video, remember that there are a lot of ways to rig lures. As long as your terminal connections are solid, you are good. We never profess that our ways are the best or the only way. We are just offering a different perspective with expert advice. You can take from this as much or as little as you care to. We contend that there is always room for improvement. And, who better to learn from than guys that have excelled at this highest levels of fishing. Guys that have a lifetime of experience fishing for multiple species all over the world. Our goal is to put you in front of these types of fishermen. What sets the guys at In The Spread apart is how much time they have invested in thinking about what they are doing and experimenting with that knowledge on the water over and over again. They are studied in the ways of blue marlin fishing. There wisdom is forged from years spent on the water studying fish.

The guys you are going to learn about in this fishing video are all marling fishing and lure rigging experts. Each is an artist and a pioneer within the industry. You will learn about Jack Tullius, owner of Black Bart Lures in Palm Beach. Black Bart is the largest trolling lure company in the world. If you do not know about Black Bart, you just do now know marling fishing. Andy Moyes, of Moyes Big Game Tactical, is one of the best big game captains and mates in the world. His lures are always leading edge in their artistry and performance. Andy knows big fish. RJ Boyle, a south Florida fishing legend, plays host in this video. RJ cut his teeth mating on game boats the fished marlin tournaments. He is also one of the best swordfish anglers in the world. RJ, Andy and Jack all share with you the tools necessary to rig lures, discuss skirt selection, demonstrate how to rig lures, profile how various head shapes swim, where to position them in the spread, which hooks to use and why.

Since this is a very long video, we have taking the liberty to split this video into 3 parts. Each of the three parts features one of the guys included in this video. Part 1 is with Jack Tullius sharing information on Black Bart lure heads, fishing hooks, hook sets and rigging techniques. Part 2 features Any Moyes profiling his favorite lure heads, the swimming action of each and where to fish them in the spread. Part 3 is with RJ Boyle as he dissects all the tools and rigging ingredients, assembles a single hook rig and rigs a marlin lure. Enjoy and never stop learning.

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