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Marling Fishing and Trolling with Kevin Hibbard

Captain Kevin Hibbard, of Kona, Hawaii, has built a reputation for catching big marlin all over the world. In this marlin fishing video, Kevin shares some incredibly useful information that you can add to your own knowledge base about trolling. His perspective for this conversation relates to trolling the calm waters of Kona, but you can take the points he makes and just as easily apply to your own fishery. There is so much valuable information on offshore trolling for marlin, tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo to extrapolate from what he is sharing. Keep in mind, his focus is on marlin fishing by means of trolling.

Fishing Kona is really different than most other places. From Kevin's vantage point, this is simple marlin fishing. Four lures, no extra teasers in the water, fishing the giant seamount that is Hawaii make up the controls in his program. The biggest decision Kevin makes when heading out is which way he heads out of the marina. He has his confidence spots and the intel on where fish were biting the day before. What you learn from all of this is how he goes about making the determination about where to go.

You have a real opportunity to learn from one of the best marlin fishing captains in the world. Kevin will take you through his approach to fishing seamounts, the data he uses to locate hotspots. Satellite data can be handy, like water temperature and currents. You need to know the direction of the currents to properly fish structure. In this case, the structure is the island and surrounding bathymetry.

If you listen closely to what Kevin is talking about, you can go anywhere in the world and fish smarter. You will get a clear explanation of how baits and birds provide tell tale signs of marlin in the area. The activity of tuna and understanding what they are doing can be super helpful. It is very insightful listening to Kevin talk about how marlin position themselves relative to a school of tuna and porpoises.

Marlin fishing open water and marlin fishing structure, especially outposts in the middle of the ocean, like Hawaii, Cape Verde, the Azores or Madeira requires a deft hand. I think you will find this section of the video of extreme interest. How the current impacts the island and your approach to running trolling patterns should be based on sound fundamentals. You have to know where the bait is going to be, based on the current.

Kevin Hibbard is a savvy marlin fishing captain. There is so much to learn from listening to his philosophy on pursuing big fish. This video is packed with wisdom. Take your time with it. Try to imagine how what he is saying applies to your own fishery.

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Fish with Capt Kevin Hibbard aboard the 2nd Offense in Kona, Hawaii

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