How to Fish for Trout with Chad Bryson

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Instructor: Chad Bryson
Categories: Freshwater Trout

Chad Bryson, a seasoned trout fishing expert, shares his knowledge on river habitats, fly presentation, and drifting techniques. He covers seasons, water color, temperature, fly rods, flies, leaders, and tippet. By learning these essential skills, viewers can gain confidence and fish smarter, enhancing their trout fishing experience.

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  • Portrayal: Trout fishing is often seen as an elite sport, but it doesn't have to be.
  • Experience: Capt. Chad Bryson has been trout fishing since childhood and has guided worldwide.
  • Focus: The guide provides tips applicable to all trout streams, not just the southeast.
  • Key Areas: Target deep pockets in shoals and shoal areas for trout.
  • Tactics: Learn how to approach fishing areas, use nymphs, and cast effectively.
  • Factors: Understand the effects of seasons, water conditions, weather, time of day, and moon phases.
  • Spawn: Understand when trout spawn and how to fish responsibly during this time.
  • Gear: Basics on rods, reels, lines, and leaders without breaking the bank.
  • Flies: Know which ones to choose and how to organize them.
  • Rigs: Chad guides on setting up for indicator fishing and dry dropper setups.
  • Mechanics: Learn about line management and achieving a natural drift.
  • Conclusion: The video provides foundational knowledge for trout fishing anywhere.
  • Advice: Beginners should consider fishing in hatchery supported fisheries for a learning experience.

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Anonymous 09.11.2018


Capt. Chad Bryson

No sir, Chad Bryson isn't your typical person. He is a maestro of the wide aquatic wilderness and a man of the river, a wise man of the stream. He has served as an angler, a guide, and even a product development consultant for more years than a catfish has whiskers. He is regarded as a pillar of the fly fishing industry.

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