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chumming and chunking for dolphin in the spread fishing video
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Chumming and Chunking Dolphin

Let's say you are dolphin fishing on a weedline, around floating debris or under birds and you hook your first fish. What is the best way to attract and keep the school that follows the first dolphin behind your boat? Having a firm understanding of how to catch dolphin using menhaden oil, a chum bag and chunks will allow you to fill your box with dolphin and go home a champion.

This may be your only chance of the day to catch a load of dolphin. You need to be prepared when dolphin fishing. There is a science to this process and the principles shared in this In The Spread dolphin fishing video will help you eat for weeks. The ability to fully integrate these concepts into one master plan is the difference between catching one or two fish and twenty or thirty. If you want to know how to catch dolphin and lots of them, have a plan.

Chunks, chum and oil play a huge part in the calculus to attract and keep a school of dolphin focused on your boat. Oil helps mark your spot and slick out the water so you can better see the fish in the water. The fact that it is stinky helps trigger the feeding behavior. Menhaden oil should be the first thing you put in the water after hooking up with the first dolphin. Following the oil, you should drop a chum bag in the water. Why a chum bag? Well, chum is super effective for snapper fishing, mackerel fishing and reef fishing. So, why wouldn't you use a chum bag. Chumming is a great way to keep steady food in the water and keep the dorado happy. It allows you to keep the fish interested while you get everything ready. The chunks are the next item to start tossing out. Chunking dolphin is the lynch pin. Just pace yourself. Throw a few chunk baits, wait thirty seconds and then throw a couple more. Throwing too much is a critical error. Your chunks should be ready before you start any of this. There is no time to start cutting bait once you have a fish coming to the boat. All you should have to do is get the chunks out of the cooler and put them in a bucket. It is a trickle strategy. Less is more. What you are doing is manipulating how the fish stay behind your boat.

Now is when you start thinking about dropping another line in the water. The fish swam to your boat and are happy with the steady food. You have a captive audience, at this point. Creating a food chain is your first priority in dolphin fishing. With the dolphin school behind your boat and on your food chain, now you can start adding lines to the water.

Don't get overly fired up and start putting more lines in the water. Focus on the steady food and then systematically catch fish after fish. Wink, wink. If you botch the food program, the dolphin will move on down the road. Open the grocery store and get busy.

The next big concept is the angling rotation.

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