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Have a Plan for Dolphin Fishing

Dolphin fishing typically takes place well offshore. You need to bring into focus several factors prior to even stepping on the boat. There is no reason to start motoring out only to discover you forgot something or didn't check the sea conditions. Having a solid, well thought out plan will save you money, time and possibly your health.

There are businesses that thrive, like Sea Tow, based off the failures of boaters and anglers. When you don't think and give your preparation the appropriate consideration, live are impacted and money flies out of your pocket. Be smart have put a damn good plan together, so you can head into the offshore realm and bag a load of dorado.

There are several things that need to be apart of your plan. You need to map out a path based on current, winds, gps numbers, satellite charts, fishing reports, etc. You need to start this process in advance. Start watching the weather several days ahead of time and check it multiple times a day, so you can see developing trends. A huge consideration is the readiness of the boat. Are the batteries in good condition, bilge pumps working well, engines performing? Do you have enough fuel, adequate safety equipment, a handheld radio and gps device? Be smart and think through all the day and all the things that could happen. You really don not want to run into trouble 20 miles or more offshore.

This dolphin fishing video will make you think about myriad planning criteria. You should methodically decide what your game plan is going to be and how you will execute it. Dolphin fishing can be expensive. You are going a long way and there is no time to overlook even the most minor detail.

Take this seriously. Before getting on your boat, gather as much information as you can. What do you need to do to be prepared? Mapping out a productive path is key. In that vein, you really need to know the weather, currents, temperature breaks, SST or sea surface temperature, chlorophyll and other variables that are available from charting services. Know what to expect. You need to know what the water is doing offshore before heading out. Check fishing reports to know what is biting and where. The more you know, the better your fishing success will be.

Inspect your fishing tackle. Check your line and make sure it is fresh and on the spool smoothly. Tie fresh knots. You rods and reels need to be audited, as well. You sure as heck don't want equipment failure when the first dolphin eats your lure and you loose it, along with the school.

A thorough boat inpection is an absolute must. You need to know your boat is in good operating order before loading it. Check that your batteries are fresh, bilge pumps working well, fuel is topped off, you have a hand held GPS, all the safety equipment is onboard and in good shape. Do not overlook the little things.

We hope this information helps you as preparations starts for your offshore fishing trip. Don't be a statistic.

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