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Instructor: Cory Allen
Categories: Freshwater Muskie

In The Spread, Cory Allen reviews Roger Watters' H2O Tackle musky lures, showcasing his diverse performance. Watters' H20 Tackle offers a complete line of baits, covering surface to bottom, making it a standout among his competitors. The review provides valuable fishing tips and insights into Watters' innovative muskie baits.

Description / Review / Instructor


  • Lure Dynamics: Understand the movement and behavior of the lure.
  • Applications and Presentations: These can vary greatly, requiring experimentation.
  • Cory Allen's Approach: Start by observing the natural behavior of the lure in water.
  • In The Spread Teaching: Focuses on the most effective tools for specific situations.
  • Roger Waters and H20 Tackle: Unique bait designs that cover a broad spectrum of musky fishing needs.
  • Functional Weight Inserts: Allows one bait to replace multiple others by adjusting weight.
  • Cory Allen's Insights: Demonstrates the baits and highlights the subtle differences that make them stand out.

Musky Lures: the Art of Fishing Them

When it comes to musky lures, one frequently asked question is: "How do you fish it?" The answer isn't straightforward. Lure dynamics, applications, and presentations are extremely variable. You have to experiment.

In the In The Spread video, instructor Cory Allen delves deeply into this topic. His usual response to the aforementioned question is:

    "How do you not fish it?"

His first action with a new lure? Simply toss it into the water and observe. The idea is to see the lure's natural behavior and then start manipulating it.

About "In The Spread"

While the foundation of In The Spread isn't just about promoting products, we are proud to introduce you to some of the most effective tools by category and their daily and seasonal applications.

It's a rare occurrence when one person can be credited for creating multiple baits, especially those not widely known in the market, which are so thoughtfully designed that they could potentially overshadow entire manufacturing lines.

Roger Waters and H20 Tackle are prime examples of this. The video showcases a selection of Roger's unique bait designs that arguably have the most versatile control spectrum in the musky fishing tackle realm.

Roger's designs are meticulously crafted, each having distinct features. Moreover, nearly every bait he creates includes the option of functional weight inserts. This feature allows one bait to potentially replace 4-5 others, depending on how weights of varying sizes are used.

Muskie fishing expert, Cory Allen, will guide you through each bait, both in and out of the water. He'll shed light on the subtle nuances that might initially go unnoticed but demonstrate the meticulous attention to detail and how slight changes in design can yield entirely different tools.

Q: What's the first thing Cory Allen does with a new lure?
A: He tosses it into the water to observe its natural behavior before starting to manipulate it.

Q: What makes Roger Waters and H20 Tackle stand out in the market?
A: Their unique bait designs cover a broad spectrum of musky fishing needs and have the potential to replace several other lures.

Q: How do the functional weight inserts benefit the baits?
A: They allow one bait to replace the need for 4-5 others by adjusting the weight.

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Cory Allen

Cory Allen, known as the Tennessee Muskie Authority, has years of expertise in muskie fishing. He is a skilled guide in the Tennessee River drainage basin, specializing in understanding muskellunge behavior and environmental conditions. Allen's dedication to his craft and continuous learning make him a valuable resource for both seasoned and novice anglers.

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