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  • Rigging Ballyhoo Aussie Style

    2020, Ballyhoo - Bait Rigging Aussie Garfish

    Ballyhoo is the standard bait for offshore fishing, suitable for various fish such as sailfish, marlin, swordfish, dolphin, wahoo, and dredge. Australian fisherman Chris Rushford shares a step-by-step rigging video for sailfish, including wax thread, hooks, crimps, pliers, compact skirts, and rigging needle. He also demonstrates making a snub leader and securing the hook. The video is concise and informative, making it a valuable resource for those interested in offshore fishing.

  • Rigging Ballyhoo for Offshore Fishing

    2018, Ballyhoo - Bait Rigging 8 Ways for Offshore Fishing

    Rigged ballyhoo is a popular offshore fishing bait for various species, including dolphin, kingfish, sailfish, marlin, tuna, grouper, and wahoo. Proper preparation and rigging techniques are crucial for success. In The Spread's fishing video, learn how to rig various ballyhoo baits, making you a better fisherman.

  • How to Rig Ballyhoo

    2018, How to Rig Ballyhoo

    The ocean's rhythm is a symphony of ballyhoo, fish, and man. Rigging ballyhoo for trolling involves a delicate ritual bridging the gap between human ambition and the humble ballyhoo fish. Mastering the art requires understanding the ballyhoo, its colors, firmness, and beak. Anglers use various rigging techniques, including swivel rigs, O-ring rigs, float rigs, circle hook rigs, and chuggers. The artistry extends beyond bait to skirts, enhancing the lure's vibrancy.