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Wahoo Fishing Tips

These wahoo fishing tips are taken from our much longer Wahoo Trolling video. I did this so you could go right to the information you want, without having to search through the full length fishing video.

What you will see are rapid fire questions with succinct answers on high speed trolling with one of the best in the games, Shawn Olds. He has been wahoo fishing for a long time. Starting out fishing for wahoo commercially forced Shawn to utilize rather distilled fishing techniques, as there was no margin for error. He adapted what he learned there to his now recreational fishing. When you get right down to it, wahoo fishing does not have to be all about the bells, whistles and fancy new toys. You can learn a great deal from the simplicity in what is being sharing herein.

RJ Boyle will ask Shawn a series of question on a wide range of high speed trolling subject matter. You can apply select tidbits of this information or build your entire program around it. You really don't need to know much more.

The questions start with the trolling speed at which Shawn finds the most success running. He will then go into his ideal wahoo trolling spread for both small boats and big boats. Boat driving is another critical area where many people miss the extra bites and chance to double or triple up. You will hear what Shawn does when he hooks up. Another aspect of boat driving has to do with whether you turn inshore or offshore after hook up and if it is more ideal to slow down and keep going with a fish on the hook.

Lure colors is something everybody wants to know about, so the question is asked. It is interesting how many of the top fishermen seem to have similar favorites.

The best time to go, in terms of tidal movements is discussed, along with the best moon phase for really good fishing. Shawn gives a very interesting, yet brief explanation of why he likes a specific moon phase.

Wahoo trolling depth is key when fishing an edge, so you will hear about it. With so much great wahoo fishing near Florida in the Bahamas, Shawn will share the best places to fish, in his opinion.

There is a lot to learn in this fishing video. One of the best parts is Shawn sharing his top wahoo fishing tip. One of the best ways to up your game is to listen to some of the very best sharing their experience and knowledge. They have made mistakes and learned from them. Take advantage of their learning curve and improve your program.

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