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Topwater Lures for Bluefin Tuna Fishing

The thought of targeting big bluefin tuna with topwater lures should raise the hackles on your neck. This style of fishing is not for the faint of heart. Bluefin tuna are powerful to the extreme and will test the limitations of even the best tackle. When you hit the water with topwater lures for bluefin tuna, the more knowledge and experience you have, the better you will be. As with all things “In The Spread Fishing” we got together with one of the best big game, reef donkey, tuna smashing fishermen in the world to drop some deep insights on what works when casting lures to big bluefin tuna.

Seth Hartwick is as nice a guy, as they come. He is smart, hard working, analytical, a tackle diva and as generous as they come. He fishes with a very elite group of globe trotting fishermen that thrive on targeting the biggest reef fish and tuna in the world, all by means of casting lures. The best part is that Seth loves to share what he has learned on the water. With access to some of the finest lure crafters and tackle builders, Seth possesses a very refined sense of what works and what doesn't for giants like bluefin tuna. It is to our benefit that he spends the time and money traveling to every major tuna fishing destination in the world testing to the very limit tackle, lures, rigs, hooks and techniques for bluefin tuna fishing.

Bluefin tuna are as discerning a fish as there is in the oceans. As super picky eaters, your presentation can easily be passed by, if it does not look right or swim right. Even your rigs can turn them off.

In this Topwater Lures for Bluefin Tuna Fishing video, Seth Hartwick will share his experience and deep insights into what he looks for in lures for bluefin. You will quickly learn what works, no matter the body of water you are fishing in.

Poppers and floating stickbaits are outstanding when bluefin tuna are working the surface. They are also excellent for agitated water. Both types of lures will be broken down, so you will know what to use and when. The rigs, hooks for tuna lures, line, leaders, tackle and tactics are covered in detail. The importance of boat positioning and casting location is another area Seth heavily stresses. Bluefin tuna fishing is about precision. This is paramount. This video will help get you dialed in.

Having poppers that dive, swim and produce thick bubble trails is critical. Seth will discuss the lure he likes and why. You will hear the lure sizes and weights that get this most bites. Quality is the name of the game with this species. Knowing what to look for in bluefin tuna lures will save you a lot of headaches.

Floating stickbaits are another must have in your kit. These weapons will serve you very well, as long as there are no birds. With either poppers or floating stickbaits, you are working the top 10 feet of water, where bluefin corral baitfish against the surface.

The rigs for topwater lures are so important. You cannot take short cuts or your day will be ruined, when a bluefin smashes your lure to bits or wrecks your leader system. You will learn some very valuable lessons for Seth. He talks about rigging lures, the tuna hooks (single or treble) he likes and why. See how to position the hooks the correct way and learn about size, quality and brands of split rings and swivels. Don't go cheap here.

Along with sound rigs and stout gear, fish safety is critical. The less damage you can inflict on these majestic beasts the better. If you intend to release your fish or if you are keeping fish, making the appropriate choice on hooks for tuna lures is key.

In order to cast topwater lures for bluefin tuna, you really need to right tackle setup. Seth has used and tested countless rod and reel setups. The presentation he makes about the reels, main line, leader system and his connections is worth every minute of your time. You gear needs to withstand a real beating. Seth has fished a lot and used a lot, that is why what he shares about casting lures and the requisite gear is so valuable.

Quality is king in this game. Find out what to look for in bluefin tuna lures and build quality. This is a powerful fish that will crush inferior lures and destroy tackle that is not up to the test. What you know and how you use it makes all the difference.

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