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Sinking Stickbaits for Bluefin Tuna Fishing

Bluefin tuna fishing is a game of precision. Everything has to be on point. Your tuna lures, tackle, boat driving, casting, everything has to be precise. Bluefin tuna are just too damn discerning to make mistakes. So, when the tuna are crushing baits near the surface, casting lures like sinking stickbaits can spell pay dirt. One of the primary reasons to sling a stickbait that sinks is to avoid birds like shearwaters.

As all us tuna fishermen know, when baitfish are driven to the surface and smashed, eventually birds will show up. Some of the pesky birds that will be on scene are big enough and aggressive enough to snatch your lure from anywhere within the top three feet of the water column. That can really screw things up. So, to counter this problem, the best course of action is the throw lures that sink.

Sinking stickbaits are just what you need. What fantastic lures to have in your kit. Their weight allows you to cast them a country mile with exceptional accuracy. It is their weight that also gets them quickly down, out of the reach of diving birds.

Our good friend Seth Hartwick is here to share his extensive experience targeting big tuna. If there is a good tuna fishery open to recreational fishing anywhere in the world, Seth has fished it. He loves bluefin tuna. Their power, capriciousness and frustrating pickiness make this species a worthy opponent and one he is well versed in. To capitalize on a bluefin tuna bite, you need to have a few sound techniques in your hip pocket. Seth is going to cover the use of sinking stickbaits and how you can use them in your home waters. From Cape Cod to North Carolina, the Gulf of Mexico to San Diego and beyond, these lures need to be a must have for catching bluefin tuna.

The benefit of sinking stickbaits is that they sink. Duh, right! Well, there is more to triggering a bluefin tuna bite. You lure needs to be the right size and color. The old adage “match the hatch” really comes into play with these fish. If your lure is somewhat dissimilar to that which the tuna are feeding on, you may not get any bites. Bluefin tuna are very lure and line shy.

You are going to hear why bluefin tuna lures in the 100-150 gram range work so well and how to rig them for a more optimal hook up ratio. Bluefin are bigger fish, so your bluefin tuna hooks need to be up to the task. Seth will breakdown which tuna hooks he prefers and how to rig stickbaits with the hooks in the right orientation.

If there is one thing you should take away from this video, it is that you have to be precise in all aspects of your fishing. Your lure presentations need to be as natural as possible. You boat positioning should be such that you can make a cast that presents your lure in a way that the bluefin would naturally eat it. If anything is off, no bite. Learn all of these intricate details and be a more knowledgable fisherman. Simple things like knowing when to make your casts to the school can make all the difference. Simple things like how the birds are behaving can indicate when to make that cast.

Which lures Seth finds most success with, what to look for in lure build quality, rods, reels, line, leader systems, must have tools and loads more are ready for your consumption with this Sinking Stickbaits for Bluefin Tuna video. The best fishermen in the world make it look so easy. Take advantage of what Seth Hartwick is sharing. Accelerate your learning curve. Go out there a more informed angler and bring more fish to the boat. The universal skills in this fishing video will help you become a better fisherman.

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