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Sea Trout Fishing in the Spring

If you are not familiar with Captain William Toney, of Homosassa, Florida, he is the first guide we ever filmed with and one of those guys that you learn something from each and every time you are with him. In the world of inshore fishing guides, he is recognized as one of the best. William hunts and fishes all year. He comes from generations of Florida hunting and fishing guides. The guy is fishyAF. What really sets him apart is how easy it is for him to teach other people how to catch fish. William is equally adept at targeting speckled trout, redfish, snook, sheepehead, tarpon, tripletail and any other fish that swims in the waters off Homosassa.

Sea trout fishing is pretty darn good north of Tampa and around into the big bend coastal waters. These are the grounds that William Toney has made his domain. When you know every crack, crevice, key or rocky structure and how the tidal flows, wind and sun move fish throughout the year, you are operating on another level. This is the beauty of fishing with and learning from William. You walk away a much smarter fisherman.

With this In The Spread Sea Trout Fishing video, Captain William Toney dissects the transition from winter to spring and why this is the best time of year for catching big speckled sea trout. This is the time when the big females come in from offshore to spawn. The females are the biggest, so that is what you are after. William's first consideration before heading out is tidal flow, where are the good rocky areas and sandbars that have been exposed to the sun. Flow is everything. The moon phase is key, as well. Where the moon is in its phase has a huge impact on how much water moves and how fast it moves. Learn about ideal tides for sea trout fishing.

You really need to know the tides and this triggers a metabolic switch in the fish to feed. Moving water is a big factor. William will lay bare when to go, where to go and what baits to use, if you want to know more about how to catch sea trout with regular success.

William shares the rods and reels he uses, along with what he spools his reels with and why. You have to be able to get long accurate cast and be able to get maximum action out of your baits.

When it comes to sea trout lures, you can bet William has used a ton and knows with absolute resolve what type of lure, size and color are best for any given conditions. The amount of action and cadence William Toney gets out of a soft plastic jerk bait is impressive.

This is not a real long fishing video, but there is a lot of great information that will have you fishing smarter. If how to catch sea trout is on your mind, Captain William Toney is a great guy to learn from. Enjoy what he has to share and remember to help a younger person learn the ways of the water.

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